If I’m being totally honest, when EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched in 2017 the crowd was going mild. And even that’s an understatement, as there is various rage surrounding this new entry. It had been mainly the predatory, pay-to-win mechanics revealed shortly prior to the game’s launch that resulted in a lot of this ire. Having said that, there have been features missing out of this entry that were section of the original Battlefront series from the 2000s. Just like the far-reaching yolk of the Empire, poor design appearing out of EA and Battlefront’s developer, DICE, had no bounds. With each one of these negatives, is Battlefront 2 worthwhile?

So that was 3 years ago. While turn-around for Battlefront 2 seemed as impossible as the shot on the Death Star, the truth is, it has. The devotion and time DICE allocated to Battlefront 2 post-launch has resulted in a great, content-packed game almost unrecognizable from the initial version. Along with the linear game mode, Galactic Assault, DICE has added the open-ended modes, Supremacy and Co-Op. While Battlefront 2 includes all three Star Wars cinematic eras, those are actually available in each one of these modes, fully rounding out the knowledge. The gameplay offers well-designed heroes and customizable playstyles, producing a everyday but enjoyable experience. The additions included as time passes bring Battlefront 2 nearer to the atmosphere of the initial series and Star Wars all together.

Game Modes
Battle for supremacy on Starkiller Base

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When Star Wars Battlefront 2 first launched, it was included with a number of game modes designed for players to jump in and play. Having said that, Galactic Assault may be the only the one which offered the large-scale battle “feel” of the initial entries. As a result of linear, scripted nature of the mode, Galactic Assault would soon degrade its welcome. Tight hallways and chokepoints dominated map design, producing a insufficient variety and spammy mechanics, like endless explosives. The battles of the initial games were of a smaller scope, but nonetheless felt more open-ended than Galactic Assault. Furthermore, the initial Battlefront games included co-op against bots across all maps and modes, something missing from the 2017 version. The lacking and repetitive qualities had myself wondering if Battlefront 2 was worth the purchase.

Towards the finish of 2019 and the start of , DICE added game modes which were reminiscent of the initial series. Because of these new additions, Supremacy and Co-Op, Battlefront 2 was salvaged from the scrap heap. Unlike the linear nature of Galactic Assault, Supremacy has two teams battling for control over command posts across large maps. This enables for overall flexibility in how players strategize, a marked improvement from the restrictive nature of Galactic Assault. A lot more enticing is Co-Op, a mode which sees four players working together to attack or defend command posts from bots. Players can give attention to upgrading classes without the strain of fighting others. Both of these modes de-emphasize rigid PvP, allowing players to immerse themselves in the Star Wars atmosphere instead of high-stakes competitive gameplay.

Prequel Era clone troopers on patrol

A very important factor EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 improved after in comparison to their first iteration was content. Battlefront 2 promised all three Star Wars eras on launch day, a welcome addition. Nonetheless it wouldn’t be until that the eras were put into Supremacy and Co-Op. Originally, players could only enjoy Supremacy in the prequel series maps, and it got old… fast. Flash forward to now, not merely are the eras designed for Supremacy and Co-Op, but players receive the freedom to select. When booting up a casino game mode, players can select from prequel, original, sequel queues, and even “play any” as a choice. So now fans can pick accurately what they would like to do, rather than being told. Though it took years to access this aspect, Battlefront 2 will probably be worth it for fans of the three trilogies.

Unfortunately, I can’t say confidently that the mechanics in Star Wars Battlefront 2 are spectacular, however the gameplay is strong enough to immerse players in the Star Wars atmosphere. In the initial series, each trooper had a specialized kit that supported its role on the battlefield. However, in EA’s Battlefront 2, DICE opted to provide players the opportunity to upgrade each trooper class through “Star Cards”, that offer individual bonuses. Classes conclude being jacks of most trades and masters of none, leading to sterilized gameplay. Furthermore, new players could find themselves completely outmatched by people that have fully upgraded cards. However the Star Card system does present players with something to work at and customize, that can be more interesting compared to the static tool sets of the originals. Having the ability to choose how you play each trooper class makes the investment of amount of time in Battlefront 2 worthwhile.

Diverse heroes of Star Wars in combat

Together with the troopers, Battlefront 2 supplies the best gameplay of Star Wars heroes. A power fantasy lacking this generation. If you want to slice up droids as Obi-Wan or force choke rebels as Vader, search no further. Heroes each have a personal kit of abilities, enabling them to stick out in the action. Players are bound to find a couple of heroes they enjoy from the wide selection of light and dark side characters. And with the Star Card system, players receive control over how they play as a common. By combining upgrades with the hero abilities, DICE manages to produce a play trend that is fun and flexible. Given that Co-Op has been added for all eras, players can upgrade a common without needing to wait or get shot down when they spawn.

Final Thoughts
Although it wasn’t a revolutionary series, Star Wars Battlefront is a name that brings back great memories for gamers. This is a shame that the present day entries suffered from poor design and questionable mechanics. Unlike some games though, which disappear in to the night after a poor launch, Battlefront 2 kept plugging along. Because of the effort of the DICE developers, these were able to pull the overall game back from the brink. On multiple platforms for an economical price, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is more accessible than previously. Filled with content from Star Wars history and an eclectic suite of modes, Battlefront 2 will probably be worth it in .