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Design-wise, you might feel that the My Cafe isn’t much to check out. The minimalist design appears nearly intentionally dated, as though it could feel more in the home in a mid-1980s urban diner than in a modern day kitchen. Other modern home counter appliances integrate glossy finishes and streamlined curves to their designs, however, not the My Cafe. There is no brushed chrome or brass knobs, no LED light or digital screen. The My Cafe is merely metal and plastic. It isn’t with out a simple charm, but look elsewhere if you demand more modern day looks out of your home appliances.

Having said that, anyone who writes the My Cafe off about its appearance is building a blunder, because what it lacks however you like it more than accocunts for for in compound. With a couple of detachable brewing heads that slide in and from the machine (Bunn telephone calls them “drawers”), the My Cafe can brew almost anything you toss at it. There’s one drawer for K-Cups, a different one for teabags and espresso pods, another drawer for surface coffee, and a 4th that works as an instant hot-water dispenser — simply perfect for your morning hours oatmeal. Whatever you’re craving, the My Cafe has you protected. It’s an even of built-in overall flexibility that’s fully unmatched by any different single-serving coffeemaker in this cost range.

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It’s a strong little matter, too, with a straightforward, compact style that feels rugged and durable atlanta divorce attorneys way. Positioning it in the hands, you acquire the sense you could toss it down a stairwell but still plug it in and brew a brand new cup in the bottom. Amid a discipline of bulkier opponents that frequently felt a lttle bit flimsy for our liking, this robust engineering is a significant plus.

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