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Keurig K50 The All Purposed Coffee Maker, Black – Check at Amazon


  • Brews a lot more than just coffee
  • Compatible with a lot more than 70 brands to provide more than 500 flavors
  • Brews quickly


  • No frills

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The Keurig K50 is a versatile drink machine that may make coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. It accepts K-cups from a lot more than 70 different roasters, offering a lot more than 500 flavors of hot drinks. Your preferred brand includes a new medium roast you wish to try with breakfast? Pop it in. You intend to spend the afternoon relaxing over a book with a chai? Devote that K-cup. In under one minute, you’ve got yourself a hot cup of something soothing.

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However, it doesn’t offer much else. The K50 is a classic Keurig design, this means it was made with out a large amount of extra features to increase its capabilities. A number of the push-button features from later models are missing. It’s also a lttle bit more costly than newer Keurigs with an increase of features.

K-cup versatility means you can brew an enormous selection of different coffees. All the several roasts and flavors which can be packed right into a K-cup are available for you. That doesn’t just include coffee. Which means different sorts of tea and hot chocolate, just like the tasty Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa K-Cups. Iced drinks only require dropping a number of cubes into your cup. Which means a practically inexhaustible variety is available.

Rapid brewing
Visit a coffee shop and order a specialty chai latte, and you may spend a while waiting to listen to the barista call your name. Or you could press a button on your own Keurig K50 and get the same drink in under one minute, without worrying a moment’s distraction may cause you to miss that your order is ready. The Keurig advantage is that almost all of the effort went in to the making of the K-cup, which leaves you merely the press of a button from coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

You sit back in your comfy chair with a book and a morning cup of coffee, and when you’ve settled in you know that you didn’t switch off your K50. Worry not. After 30 seconds of non-activity, the K50 will turn itself off. This implies the most challenging brainwork for you personally is picking which K-cup to use.