Using its simple controls and powerful suction, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless is a fantastic way to keep your hard floors clean and clearing up wet spills. It could even cope with rugs, although we missed that cleaning performance was quite nearly as good here. With 25-minutes of runtime, this model is wonderful for large areas, if a home is predominantly hard floor you might want a plug-in model or one with replaceable batteries.

Easy to use
Tackles hard floors and carpet
Great suction power
Key Specifications
Review Price: £329.99
Cordless vacuum and mop
1180 x 330 x 350mm, 8.82kg
Multi-purpose roller
25 minutes runtime
Created for convenience, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless can be an all-in-one vacuum and hard floor cleaner, in order to suck up mess when you clean. This isn’t the first product to accomplish both these jobs, but this can be a first hard floor cleaner that I’ve reviewed that may tackle rugs, too.

Simple controls, great performance and a neat charging station makes this an excellent all-in-one tool, but if you’ve got plenty of hard floors to completely clean at once, the fixed battery could be a limiting factor.

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Bissell CrossWave Cordless – What you ought to know
Rug test – Remove almost all of the mud ground in to the carpet, but a dedicated carpet cleaner can do an improved job for tougher stains.
Mud test – Sucks up water, dirt and spills, and does an excellent job clearing up hard floors with the the least effort.
Hard floor test – Found spilt rice grains, only dropping a couple back onto the ground; a few sweeps is normally enough to straighten out any leftover debris.

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Bissell CrossWave Cordless Design and Features – Easy to use and simple to clean
Externally, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless looks much just like a regular upright vacuum. In lots of ways, that’s because this mode is accurately that. As you look closer, the dissimilarities become clear. To begin with, there’s no hose to unplug and use for accessories, for instance a crevice tool. As such, you’ll still want a normal vacuum cleaner so you can get around the edges of rooms and into tighter gaps.

There’s an individual 0.62-litre bin at the front end, as on a normal vacuum cleaner, although that one was created to capture water and dirt. Pull it out, and take away the filter at the top and you could empty out the dirt and water. Be cautious, as there’s a grey plastic filter inside that slides out and it’s not immediately evident which way it dates back in (with the leg pointing upwards). Everything in this container is washable, in order to keep carefully the CrossWave Cordless in its best operating condition.

In the system is a float: when the tank is packed with water, it the float rises and shuts the cleaner from sucking up any longer water. It’s a neat system that prevents overflowing and harm to the vacuum.

At the back may be the water reservoir for the cleaning detergent. There are two simple marks on the bottle showing you fill levels for small or large areas. Bissell sells its multi-surface liquid and you get 1-litre in the box; you can utilize your own floor cleaner, mixed to the proper ratio, if you like.

As the water tank can take 0.82-litres of liquid, you may want to empty the bin once or twice when cleaning. You’ll have to empty more if you’re using the vacuum to suck up a wet spill, too.

Bissell has put very easy controls on leading and there are dedicated buttons for hard floor and carpet cleaning modes; these adapt just how much cleaning solution is released, with an increase of for the region rug setting. Bissell carries a multipurpose roller in the box, which includes soft fibres plus some harder bristles. You can purchase dedicated rollers for hard floors and rugs, too.

With the energy on, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless operates in vacuum only mode. That is handy, as it signifies that you can make utilization of it to get wet spills, say when you make chaos cooking.

If you want to completely clean, you must press and contain the blue button on the handle, which pumps water out of your detergent tank and over the rollers. Dirty water from the rollers is then sucked up off the ground and in to the bin. In this manner, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless doesn’t just clean, it removes dirt and germs from your own floors.

Manoeuvrability is very good, too, with the flexible joint to the ground head so that it is simple to corner and maneuver around furniture.

Once you’ve finished a clean, you can drop the Bissell CrossWave Cordless onto its charging dock, which also acts as a floor protector. Using the provided measuring jug, you can include water to the base station and utilize the self-cleaning mode to completely clean the roller, that may then be removed and stood up to dry.

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Peformance – Handles most stains well but did better on hard floors than rugs
To check how good the Bissell CrossWave Cordless is, I put it through some tests on different floors. First, as that is vacuum pressure cleaner, I used the typical hard floor test, sprinkling a teaspoon of rice on to the floor and giving the vacuum a single go through it. After one sweep, there is a clean sweep through the rice, but stopping the vacuum let a number of grains drop out onto the ground; it was nothing a couple more sweeps through didn’t fix, but an increased power mode could have been nice.

Hard floor vacuum test: Dirty hard floor (left) vs Clean hard floor (right) – move slider to compare
Next, I tried a wet spill grab, positioning a cup’s worth of water on to the floor. Again, an individual sweep through easily found the spill. Looking at the ground at the end, I possibly could visit a strange red mark in the center of the water: it were right down to the harder red bristles on to the floor head. Another sweep through removed this wreck havoc on no problem.

Water test: Dirty hard floor (left) vs Clean hard floor (right) – move slider to compare
I next tackled my light kitchen floor, which gets pretty dirty because of my four cats wandering in and from the garden. Slow and more gentle strokes back and forward found the mess, leaving me with gleaming floors. And, as that is an effective vacuum, any surface dirt is removed concurrently.

Hard floor test: Dirty hard floor (left) vs Clean hard floor (right) – move slider to compare
For a far more difficult challenge, I used the Bissell CrossWave Cordless on my outside patio. This is pretty filthy, however the vacuum managed to grab dry soil and polish up the tiles. By the end, there have been some marks left that only a pressure washer would manage however the CrossWave Cordless continues to be a quick a good tool for working with some outdoor areas, too.

Outdoor hard floor test: Dirty hard floor (left) vs Clean hard floor (right) – move slider to compare
Towards the end of cleaning, the ground was simply a little damp to touch nonetheless it soon dried and there is much less water than when by using a mop.

As your final test, I tackled a rug with some mud ground involved with it. This time around it took a few sweeps to essentially get almost all of the stain out but there is still somewhat of a mark by the end. For day-to-day cleaning of rugs the Bissell CrossWave Cordless can execute a good job, but also for a deeper clean an effective carpet cleaner can do an improved job of it.

Rug test: Dirty rug (left) vs Clean rug (right) – move slider to compare
One word of warning: you can only just clean rugs marked with a W or WS cleaning symbol onto it; if your rugs don’t have this, stay away from this product as you might cause damage.

I measured the Bissell CrossWave Cordless at 78.7dB, which is just about the same volume as I’d expect from a normal cordless vacuum cleaner.

The inner battery lasts around 25 minutes useful, after which you should wait four hours for this to recharge. With that period of time, I found there is enough battery life to cover my downstairs, but I’d need to recharge to tackle the other floors. If you’ve got a whole lot of hard floors that you would like to clean at once, a plug-in hard floor cleaner or the one which takes swappable batteries will be an improved bet.