Exactly 24 months ago, I was reviewing the Bissell CrossWave All-in-One 1785 and was thinking things couldn’t go any better. However, Not long ago i saw the brand new Pet Pro version and I knew I had to look at this hybrid cleaner and see if it’s worth the upgrade. As promised, we will need a look today at a unit that both vacuums and mops, the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro. This highly versatile machine includes a lot to provide, and I couldn’t help but enable you to get a detailed overview of its features in order to learn how well it fits your preferences.

As its name suggests, the CrossWave Pet Pro 2306a involves the rescue of owners.

Just before starting the study and tests, I was convinced that what should be not the same as its older brother may be the pet hair vacuuming functionality, since its name says so. Put simply, it will prevent pet hair from entangling onto the brushroll. Among the first things I’ve noticed at your pet Pro version is that it comes with an uniquely designed brush roll, with the capacity of cleaning a wider selection of floor types. There are numerous more things to discuss, so stick with me because, within the next three minutes roughly, you will have learned all about the vacuum’s:

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Cleaning Power
Because the vacuum sucks up dirt and washes the top as well, it’s insufficient to determine its cleaning power predicated on suction capability alone. So we will discuss the agitation aswell. Both these factors enter into play through the cleaning action as the device also acts as a carpet cleaner (don’t expect it to really have the same cleaning power, though). For the suction power, your pet Pro achieves between 100-150 AW. That is enough to get dirt effectively like the heaver and hard-to-pick debris. For the agitation, the brush roll of your pet Pro attains 3000 rpm, which is high enough to completely clean dirt off a range of floors. It means you need to use this vacuum on both hard floors and the ones with low-pile carpets. The brush roll of the model is specifically suitable for use on a broad palette of surfaces with positive results.

Bissell CrossWave multi-floor cleaning

Input Power
The motor on the CrossWave Pet Pro draws 4.4 amps to perform the unit and is equivalent to the one found in the prior version. This is pretty efficient, taking into consideration the power serves to both rotate the brush roll and offer the suction. Consumes 600 W. For normal cleaning tasks, this power is adequate.

Water Tank(s)
It has two separate tanks. One tank holds clean water which has the cleaning formula, as the other one stores dirty water containing the sucked up debris. The two-tank system ensures the dirty and clean water don’t mix, therefore boosting the unit’s cleaning stability. The dirty water tank can take 14.5 ounces of liquid and features an computerized system that shuts down the motor once it fills up. When the motor stops running, a mechanism within the machine produces a shrill sound alerting you of the tank that should be emptied.

Bissell CrossWave separate water tanks

The clean water tank can take 28 ounces of liquid. It doesn’t include an alert system, though, which requires you to keep checking it occasionally. If you want a location approximation, know that a complete tank can clean around 700 sq ft. Two lines on the tank show the quantity of water to be added for small and large area messes plus the corresponding amount of cleaning solution. Using the measurements ensures correct levels of water and cleaning formula for efficient mopping and without wastage of the cleaning solution.

Bissell CrossWave filter

The Bissell CrossWave Pro includes a washable filter which will trap the sucked up dirt and debris. The filter isn’t HEPA but will on the other hand execute a good job trapping allergens. Make sure you wash it regularly and invite it to dry before fixing it back. Eventually, the filter will age and can have to be replaced. You will be charged you only $10 to have a new one, and you could easily order through the manufacturer’s official website or from other websites such as for example Amazon. Keep checking the filter for signs of deterioration and change it out once you observe that it isn’t functioning correctly.

It weighs 11 pounds which is light enough for a unit that’s with the capacity of sweeping and mopping your floor. Its height is 46″, measures 12″ wide, and includes a depth of 10.5″. With these dimensions, the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro is small enough to be simple to store. It stands alone, so you do not need to worry in what or where you can lean it on. The vacuum also has a tray which protects your floor. For easier and safer storage, you can take away the brush roll and put it in the tray the vacuum includes.

A lot of the parts in the package form the machine itself. Apart from those, it includes 2 8-ounce formulas called Multi-Surface Pet Formula with Febreze Freshness Spring & Renewal, a Rinse and Storage Tray, a Brush Roll Drying Tray with Rinse Funnel and a Rinse Cup.

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro box contents

Based on which model you get, you may even get a supplementary multi-surface tangle-free brushroll. For instance, the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Plus that you can find in BB&B contains 2 multi-surface pet brush roll, 2 wood floor brush rolls, 2 Bissell Multi-Surface Pet Formula with Febreze Freshness 8 oz. formula samples and 2 Bissell Wood Formula 8 oz. samples. Another example will be the TV offer from Bissell, that provides you additional cleaning brushrolls (Multi-Surface Brush Roll, Wood Floor Brush Roll, and CARPET Brush Roll), a supplementary filter and 2 extra multi-surface pet solutions: