Investing in both a fresh vacuum and a wash for both your hardwood floors and carpets could be expensive, plus it occupies plenty of cupboard space at home – so that’s why Bissell has generated this all-in-one product.

The purpose of the Crosswave is to give a product you need to use as a corded vacuum when it’s needed, but it’ll also manage to washing both your carpets and floor by using a liquid that’s contained in the box.

It’s a novel concept and the one that a whole lot of cordless floor cleaners don’t currently offer available to buy. If you are looking for a thing that cleans and also vacuums, is this up to scratch? Let’s find out.

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Bissel Crosswave price and release date

The most recent version of Bissell Crosswave premiered in May 2018, therefore the price is just about what it had been at launch.

It costs $249.99 in america and £249.99 in the united kingdom aswell. That’s about AU$350 in Australia, but we’ve yet to listen to if the cleaner will officially be produced available there.

It’s weird to think about floor cleaners as attractive bits of tech design, but considering persons now hang them on the walls, proudly displaying them to all or any guests, it’s clear persons care about how precisely they look.

We don’t love the look of the Bissell Crosswave, but it’s functional. It’s simple to carry around assuming you have a sizable home, and the key body of the cleaner is fairly thin so that it won’t take up an excessive amount of cupboard space.

It’s a comparatively tall device that involves a big handle at the very top to make sure you’ve got an excellent grip when you’re cleaning. That’s then mounted on a metal pole that connects to all of those other cleaner.

The main wand between your cleaner’s body and the handle at the very top can sometimes feel an impression flimsy, nonetheless it didn’t cause any issues in enough time we were utilizing it.

It’s also a great way Bissell has made this cleaner lightweight and light enough so that you can easily move around your house.

At the bottom of this main pole may be the bin where everything you’ll be collecting from your own home’s floor will probably end up. It’s simple to disconnect this for emptying towards the end of a clean with a fairly easy to press down button, and all you need to accomplish is pull.

We often found a number of the remnants of our clean dropping onto the ground when trying to eliminate it though – it’s not the slickest system that we’ve seen on vacuum pressure cleaner. We found it just a little frustrating when you’ve finished a major clean and afterward you have to grab a dustpan for the remnants.

On the top of the bin can be where you insert the excess plastic container with warm water and cleaning fluid to utilize the floor washing feature.

In the bottom of the cleaner may be the multi-surface cleaner that looks similar to numerous other bottoms of vacuums. That is going to be picking right up everything from the ground, and contains a replaceable little bit of fabric and a lot of brushes to completely clean up.

You can then take away the plastic lid from underneath portion of the cleaner in order to access the brush to displace it, clean it or maybe get out things that contain been stuck in it while it’s cleaning.

There’s also a swivel bit in the bottom of the cleaner that allows you to place the handle down flat alongside the cleaner so that you can reach under components of furniture. It’s useful, but it’s much less useful as the feature we’ve seen on cleaners just like the Shark IF250UK.

In general the Bissel Crosswave is simple to carry and portable, however the design isn’t likely to blow you away.

Cleaning performance

Cleaning performance on the Bissell’s vacuum mode is OK, but we didn’t find the suction upon this product particularly strong.

It’s not immediately a huge problem, nonetheless it does mean you sometimes need to go over certain specific areas several times. The crux of the problem appears to be it’ll only tidy up where the key multi-surface brush reaches.

Which means the far left and far right of the cleaner’s bottom section won’t manage to grab as easily as the others, and which means you’ll struggle to understand this to cover the corners.

If you are cleaning across larger areas, the merchandise works quickly.

The highlight of the cleaner may be the fact you can wash both your carpets and flooring in addition to vacuuming. One thing to notice is you can only just use the liquid given the cleaner. You can purchase more directly from Bissell, but it’s not recommended you utilize other liquids with the product.

You’ll fill a plastic bottle with warm water and different levels of the liquid, according to how long you will end up cleaning for, and that clicks in to the back of the cleaner and you’re all set. The liquid will gently filter into the cleaner and onto the ground as you clean.

You can select from carpet or floor mode, and each one of these will then offer you a different amount of liquid to completely clean up your floor. We found we’d to go over certain specific areas once or twice on both wood floors and carpet to have them as clean as we wanted, but this works particularly well.

When you’re exceeding those tougher areas, there’s a button within the handle which will release more liquid and we found this worked particularly well on tough to completely clean up elements of a wood floor.

If you’re buying a cleaner to regularly tidy up your floors concurrently as vacuuming, the Bissel Crosswave is made particularly for you. It isn’t the most effective vacuum, nonetheless it does incorporate both features together well.

It’s worth so that it is clear the Bissell Crosswave doesn’t have a battery inside, so you’ll have to have this connected to the wall to be cleaning.

That may make it difficult to attain some areas of your house, particularly when that is made to be such a lightweight device you can take with you. That said, it can mean you won’t go out of battery mid-way through a clean as if you can with some wireless products.


The Bissell Crosswave is a restricted vacuum and isn’t well known product available to buy right now, but taking into consideration the low price and the excess washing feature it can be befitting your budget and, moreover, your home.

Cleaning performance is acceptable, even though it’s unlikely to blow your brain it could make cleaning your carpets, rugs and floors an impression easier than simply your average vacuum as a result of the washing feature.