In this overview of the Bissell Little Green ProHeat carpet cleaner, model 14259, we’ll consider the pros and cons of the lightweight spot cleaner. We’ll address how well it handles several types of stains on the carpets and other information that audience would like to know.

Pros of the Bissell Model 14259 Carpet Cleaner
If you want warm water to greatly help lift up stain, this lightweight carpet cleaner is a superb choice for you personally. Unlike some carpet cleaning that expect you to pour in warm water and put it to use before it cools off, this carpet cleaner includes a built in warm water heater. It could heat the water up to 25 degrees higher or keep warm water warm, though it won’t take room temperature to a steaming boil.

This unit doesn’t require frequent passes with a wand to get most carpet stains up. That is a useful feature should you have limited utilization of the hands.

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THE TINY Green ProHeat applies a spray of warm water and suctions it up in a single step.

This carpet cleaner has a flexible hose to get those small stains too small for the large hooded area. And it includes a crevice tool that may get those juice stains out from the crevices between your couch cushions.

It has a sizable 48 ounce dirty water tank capacity.

The Little Green is quite lightweight up stairs, being put on furniture or moved around an area. That is partially offset by the short brush hose that is included with it. You can order another turbo brush best for deep carpets or truly scrubbing upholstery. You can even utilize the removable front nozzle from the Bissell Spot Clean and make make use of it upon this carpet cleaner.

The vacuum head that is included with it does an excellent job of picking right up hair.

Cons of the tiny Green ProHeat Carpet Cleaner
This isn’t a steam cleaner, although “wet” facet of it is normally recognised incorrectly as such. It is nearer to trying to place a wet cloth on a carpet stain to attempt to rub out the residue prior to trying to vacuum it up.

The lightweight unit has mediocre suction. To get heavy and deep stains, you need to apply it multiple times. And you need to review it with a handheld vacuum or give it amount of time in order for the location to dry.

The intake hose is impossible to completely clean. Suction tends to decrease as time passes if you’re using this on semi-solid messes.
The dirty water tank is hard to completely clean; don’t utilize this on wet or soggy biological messes which will stink to high heaven assuming you have residue left in the crevasses of the tank after use.


The maker promotes it using its carpet cleaning formulas, nevertheless, you want to utilize the lightweight machine formula.

This model weighs about thirteen pounds. The weight is related to much handheld vacuum.

This unit can spread stains when the sprayer isn’t giving an evenly distributed spray, producing a larger though paler stain. This unit is thus not recommended in case you have white or very light carpets.


This lightweight spot cleaner is wonderful for wet messes like animal pee and modest juice stains. By using the head, this is a good choice for cleaning couches so long as you clean the vacuum head often.