The brand new Soundbar 700 from Bose? Wowza.
Of the numerous wireless multi-room audio tracks challengers nowadays fighting for marketplace share, one specifically is looking to manage the table: the sound-obsessed, audio-retentive folks at Bose, because of a brand new, spectacular, wireless products. Bose’s hottest addition, the Soundbar 700 (now shipping, incidentally) is already producing headlines, and deserves a nearer look.

Reason to think it’s great #1: With Alexa built-in, it’s smarter than most.
Simply tell the Soundbar 700 (aka SB700) how to proceed, and Alexa are certain to get it done. Bose not merely made bedroom for Amazon Alexa inside new Soundbar 700, in addition they gave her a good upgrade: eight tailor made microphones in array with echo cancellation and near discipline detection, consequently they are made to hear you, often – even though you’re participating in Stevie Ray Vaughan on 10. Increase that, Bose added a nice little light bar that tells you when Alexa is hearing, or pondering her answer, or speaking – so today her pregnant pauses seem sensible. Bottom line, when you can talk, you can currently operate the Soundbar 700.

Reason to think it’s great #2: Get full wi-fi control with the Bose Music app.
If you’d rather not speak to Alexa, you may even so control the Soundbar 700 with an iphone app as clever and as intuitive as any out there. The new cloud-established Bose Music application offers you complete control over your music options, whether Spotify, Amazon Music, Internet r / c, podcasts, whatever. (Apple AirPlay and Google Assistant happen to be coming early on 2019.)

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And though it will not work with goods in the Bose SoundTouch series, the software does offer you full control over-all of Bose’s new wifi smart speakers, like the latest Bose Surround Cellular Speakers and the brand new Bose Home Loudspeaker 500. Set individualized presets, put users, and control any new good Bose speaker from an individual location.

Bose causes music sourcing and multi-room listening a good breeze. New Bose smart audio speakers and sound bars interact seamlessly, with simply a tap or tone of voice order… whether you’re rocking the complete house or playing diverse melody favorites in multiple areas.

But wait, there’s considerably more: control option #3. Go old-school, and manage virtually everything with the feel of a button on the Bose Soundbar General Remote control, which comes included (unavailable with small Soundbar 500).

Reasons to think it’s great #3 – #7: as a result many possibilities.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide convenient connectivity from all your products. With Wi-Fi, granted it’s better quality, you can stream your high res music data. And Bluetooth may be the industry common for pairing to cellular headphones, a radio subwoofer, or every wireless speakers you increase your system.

All set for the big style, anytime. Adding the cellular Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 is simple, and gives you authentic 3.1 theater sound. From there, put in a couple of cellular Bose Surround Speakers – and today you’re talking true 5.1 home entertainment sound. (Home entertainment rule #1: More audio speakers in more areas = a larger, better surround music.) With this new series, Bose helps it be simple to mix-and-match pieces based on your requirements and needs.

Ports aplenty. The Soundbar 700 comes with HDMI out for ARC connections, Toslink optical, and a micro USB slot.

Works with Dolby Digital and DTS surround audio formats. The effect? Incredible clearness and realism from your selected movies.

Custom wall bracket. Set the Soundbar 700 wherever you want to buy – place it before your Tv set on a gaming system, or mount it to the wall structure with the offered separately wall bracket system. (See our “Audio Bar Buying Lead” for tips about soundbar placement.)