The Low-Down!
The Bose Wave SoundTouch STEREO SYSTEM IV is one of the better home stereo systems available today. So excellent, the SoundTouch topped our recent article featuring the very best home stereo systems of . The SoundTouch can be an advanced stereo system that does far more than your standard HiFi or stereo. Unlike many home stereos, the SoundTouch is an individual unit. This makes the machine semi-portable, simple to maneuver around the house as needed. At $599 the SoundTouch is just a little expensive but it’s really worth every penny.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Specs
⅛-Inch AUX, USB, Bluetooth

4.3 x 14.5 x 8.8 in

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WiFi, CD Player, Radio

8.8 lbs

Bose doesn’t specify the energy output or what speaker drivers are installed in the SoundTouch, however, I could confirm the sound is incredible. The SoundTouch is surprisingly loud with a meaty, well-defined bass response. The total amount between mid-range and high frequencies is exceptional.

The detail the SoundTouch produces is what’s most impressive relating to this speaker. Bose has truly gone above and beyond in terms of the music experience this audio system offers all because of the Bose Wave speaker technology. This technology permits the SoundTouch to provide high-quality, room-filling sound without the distortion, even though playing at high volumes. It’s an immersive audio tracks experience and using rooms, you can’t pinpoint the music is from the SoundTouch. It’s something you should hear to totally understand.

The SoundTouch offers multiple input options including ⅛-Inch AUX, USB, and Bluetooth. Furthermore, there exists a built-in CD player, AM/FM radio, and WiFi with an Ethernet port. There’s also a ⅛-inch headphone output. All of the inputs and outputs can be found on the trunk of the SoundTouch keeping the visual elements of the speaker clean and uncluttered.

Shifting to aesthetics, the SoundTouch includes a sleek, modern design that may look good in virtually any room of the home. The machine doesn’t have any buttons cluttering up the top with only an LCD display, CD player and two speakers visible.

So without buttons how can you operate the SoundTouch? You will find a remote and app, of course, however the SoundTouch also incorporates an impression feature (hence the name SoundTouch). A touch-sensitive pad is situated at the very top center of the SoundTouch. Placing or tapping your submit this area perseverence the SoundTouch on / off and snooze an alarm.

Among the simple yet awesome top features of the SoundTouch may be the capability to set two different daily alarms. That is useful if you as well as your partner awaken at separate times or, you merely need two reminders each morning to escape bed! The alarms could be set to set off with the inputs including among your chosen streaming services via the saved presets.

SoundTouch App
The SoundTouch includes the SoundTouch application that allows you to hook up the machine to streaming services like Spotify or Pandora, internet r / c and podcasts. Within the app, or using the remote, you can program up to six presets. What these presets are is totally your decision. Each preset could be programmed as a song, artist, album, playlist, internet radio station or podcast. Switching between your presets can be carried out using the iphone app or the SoundTouch handy remote control.

The remote is ultra-compact fitting neatly in the palm of your hand. It’s much easier to in the beginning set everything up using the SoundTouch software and then utilize the remote to use the machine. The 26-button remote permits you to access and control the SoundTouch efficiently. You have the typical sound control buttons such as volume up/down, play/pause, track skip, AM/FM tuning, Bluetooth pairing, CD eject, mute and power on/off/alarm stop. Buttons labeled 1-6 allow switching between presets so you have a button for every single audio tracks input. Lastly, there are three buttons for establishing your alarms and two buttons for liking and disliking tracks.

Many streaming services let you like or dislike track which helps the service learn what music you prefer. These buttons usually are only found within the stream service iphone app which means you must be in the application to create your selection. Having these buttons on the SoundTouch remote means you can easily access these features that will obviously then be saved to your streaming service preference. It’s only in the last year or two manufacturers have started incorporating this feature to their products, so it’s somewhat unique to find in a home audio system.

Alexa Compatible
Another modern feature is integration with Amazon’s Alexa. As the SoundTouch doesn’t have Alexa built-in, the machine is Alexa compatible. This implies in the event that you own an Alexa device as an Echo Dot, Echo or Echo Plus, then you can certainly pair this to your SoundTouch over WiFi connection. Unfortunately, the SoundTouch doesn’t have an integral microphone which means you can’t utilize the system with voice services like Siri or Google Now.

What’s in the Box?
SoundTouch pedestal
Remote control
Power cable
A USB cable (allowing you to connect to a PC)
Demonstration CD
In terms of music quality, the SoundTouch is on another level when compared to competition. The SoundTouch gets the sound characteristics for everybody. You will find a nice chunky low-end response for bass lovers however the nuisance and audio tracks clarity for many who love classical music.

At $599 the SoundTouch is just a little expensive but it’s really worth every penny. That is a audio system that’s created to last and can easily live at home for many years without the issues. The SoundTouch comes in espresso black or platinum silver.