The Calico Critters universe is populated with some really cute and awesome characters and really amazing toy sets. These toys introduce you in to the lifestyle of little creatures called critters who stay in Calico Village. Calico Critter toys can be found in colourful designs and mimic real-life conditions such as a restaurant, school, toy shop, tree house etc.

The interactive play with these toys spurs the imagination among kids and helps in the development of cognitive and imaginative faculties of your son or daughter. They also assist in instilling in the kid the values of family, friendship, community etc. These toys have already been around for decades and so are very popular among parents and kids alike. In the calico critter world, you’ll find calico critters families, calico critters beds, calico critters houses, calico critters playset and much more. However, with so many choices, you might be challenged to know which kinds to get. In this calico critters review we’ve compiled a set of the ten best critter toys. Let’s find out which kinds they are.

  1. Red Roof Cozy Cottage

The Red Roof Cozy Cottage provides peek in to the two-storey cottage where bell hopscotch is enjoying her stay as of this calico critter house. Hopscotch is preparing to have her omelette simply by herself. The accessories add a stove, sink, frying pan, omelette, plate, fork, table with two chairs and a bench.

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This calico critters playset also contains a removable ladder and a bed with pillow and comforter. The home is two storeyed with a red roof. The ground piece is removable to increase the first floor and make the home an individual storeyed one. This calico critters toy is well suited for children three years and above.

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Compelling Reasons to get
Red roof cottage with removable floor piece.
Bell Hopscotch.
Numerous kitchen accessories and table.
Recommended Age: three years and above

Our Verdict
The Red Roof Cozy Cottage may be the top on our list and the very best overall. It is an incredible calico critters playset toy which includes numerous accessories which your children is sure likely to like. This is a wonderful way to stimulate imagination in your son or daughter through role playing and initiate your son or daughter in to the calico critters world and begin building an incredible calico critters collection. This calico critters toy is fairly priced and you will need not spend a lot of money to get your practical one. It is obviously one of the better calico critters toys you can purchase.

  1. Starry Point Lighthouse

The starry point lighthouse is definitely a genuine lighthouse with projector lights that simulate the night time sky in three different scenes. This calico critters playset carries a lighthouse, projector, 3 slides, removable deck, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The accessories inside your home add a boat bed, a heat balloon, ladder a table and a couch.

This lighthouse works extremely well independently or linked with the blissful luxury townhouse to create one’s own critter village. By including critter characters, it’ll lead to fun interactive playing aswell. The projector works on 3 removable AAA batteries which have to bought separately.

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Compelling Reasons to get
Projector lights with three different night scenes.
Lighthouse has furnished living room, kitchen and bedroom.
Numerous little critter toys just like the ladder, boat bed and more.
Can be linked with the calico critter townhouse.
Recommended Age: three years -15 years

Our Verdict
The Starry Point Lighthouse may be the second on our set of the very best calico critters toys and the very best premium. Weighing at near 450 grams, this calico critters playset is definitely big and immediately catches the attention. The projector lights will light your room and lead to an outstanding starry night scene. And with three different scene options, your children will be absolutely delighted. The lighthouse includes lot of accessories just like the heat balloon, boat bed etc. which can make for a thrilling addition to your child’s calico critters collection This toy is obviously worth the higher price and if you’re willing to fork out some extra, you will surely go for it.

  1. Kitchen Play Set

Build your own little calico critter kitchen with your kitchen Playset. This calico critters playset includes a Furniture set which includes a stove unit, drain, a refrigerator and many little critter toys to fill your kitchen.

The refrigerator has four compartments. Your kitchen accessories include frying pan, knife, slice board and more. The meals items include eggs, milk and vegetables that can be placed in the refrigerator. This toy is suited to imaginative role playing and is preferred for kids between three years to 10 years.

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Compelling Reasons to get
Furniture set including stove unit, drain and refrigerator.
Number of kitchen accessories like frying pan, knife, slice board.
Foods like eggs, vegetables and milk.
Recommended Age: three years to 10 years

Our Verdict
The Kitchen Playset may be the third item on our set of the very best calico critters toys and the very best value. It comes at a minimal price but you will be delighted to find the multitude of critters toys and accessories that play set packs in. Vegetables, milk, frying pan, knife, eggs, 4 compartment refrigerator- you name it which play set offers it all. With near 30 different little toys to arrive this cheap critters playset, it’s the best way to get started on building your own calico critters toy collection.