Most bucket-style infant child car seats only last you until around your child’s first birthday, whenever your child will probably start approaching the seat’s height limit. The Chicco Fit2 addresses this issue by having a convertible infant seat that may switch from an “infant” stage to a “toddler” stage. While tempting, given most of its luxury features, the Chicco Fit2 is pricey. So if you’re on a budget, I’d advise checking out various other great infant seats. Continue reading for more details!

Chicco Fit2 Key Features

More on height limitations
A lot of carseat companies boast about their weight limitations, that i think could be misleading. I primarily chose a child seat that had a higher weight limit of 35 pounds, thinking I’d manage to put it to use for two years until my son reached that weight. A mom friend of mine remarked that kids typically outgrow the height limitations prior to the weight limitations. When I saw that the height limitation of my son’s seat was 31 inches, and my son was fast approaching that height even before his first birthday, I felt duped!

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It is strongly recommended that you switch your son or daughter from a child bucket seat to a rear-facing convertible seat around their first birthday. Around that point, the very best of their head is going to be too near to the very best of the automobile seat. Typically, you want the most notable of their check out be higher than 1 inch from the top of the trunk of the automobile seat.

Infant-to-toddler convertibility
Chicco addresses this height limit issue by making their Fit2 infant seat convertible to a toddler seat, thus increasing the height limit. The height limit for the Fit2 is 35 inches tall, which is approximately the height of your average 2 year old. That’s why they state it will last you until your son or daughter is about 24 months old, but of course this will change from kid to kid.

Chicco did this partly to market keeping kids rear-facing until at least 2 yrs of age. The rules at this time tell keep your son or daughter rear-facing until at least 24 months of age, but also for so long as possible even from then on!

So although it’s great that you’ll get more use out of the car seat, I believe many persons may still decide on a convertible seat down the road. That way you will keep your son or daughter rear-facing longer since a convertible seat has higher limitations compared to the Chicco Fit2 for rear-facing.

Easy-to-convert base

The Chicco Fit2 not merely includes a convertible base, but it’s super simple to use, too! You just lift a lever on the automobile seat base to convert the bottom from infant to toddler position. Toddler stage is for whenever your baby starts to crawl or walk – essentially if they have better muscle control.

Bubble level indicator
A bubble level indicator is crucial for me on child car seats. It may seem to be like such a feature, but having used both a bubble indicator and the essential line indicator, the bubble indicator is indeed a lot more accurate. Some child car seats just have a printed horizontal line on them you need to eyeball to get level with the bottom. This doesn’t cut it for me personally. There’s an excessive amount of human error involved. Carseat level is such a significant factor in carseat installation, I believe it’s important to decide on a seat with the bubble level.


Supercinch is Chicco’s easy-to-install feature. When installing an automobile seat base, you must tighten the LATCH straps in order that the bottom doesn’t move laterally. This could be extremely difficult on some carseat base models.

Supercinch does most of the tightening for you, and that means you don’t need to pull on the LATCH straps so difficult that you pull a muscle too!

No-rethread harness
As your son or daughter grows, you must adapt the harness height level accordingly. A no-rethread harness signifies that you don’t need to unthread the harness straps and rethread them back through so that you can adapt the harness strap level. Ultimately, this removes the prospect of human error from the procedure, so it’s an excellent feature to have.

7 position headrest
You want the automobile seat’s harness straps to be as near your child’s shoulder level as possible. As your son or daughter grows and you adapt the harness, the more possibilities, the better. Seven positions is more options than other similar child car seats that you can buy have.

Easy-to-adjust handle
This is an attribute you certainly don’t see often. You merely need one hand to adapt the handle. Usually, it is advisable to squeeze two buttons to go the handle to a new position. Hey, whatever takes one hand out of your equation in terms of parenting is a fantastic feature in my own book!