The Britax Emblem is an excellent convertible seat with non-rethread height adjustment, push-button LATCH, and better comfort padding and fabric. The product has impressive crash test outcomes that indicate an increased potential margin of safety.Additionally it is very simple to use when put next side-by-side with your competition. The overall appear and feel of the Emblem are much better than the majority of your competition, and its own self-contained design means it really is simple to clean and looks good.

The Emblem includes a manual LATCH strap unlike ClickTight versions, so that it requires increased effort to set up than some competing Britax options. If you don’t have physical limitations that prevent pulling a strap, we don’t feel it’s a deal-breaker. We feel the Emblem is a high contender with better crash test outcomes for a sensible price which includes simple to use features and a standard nice appear and feel. Overall, the Emblem is a fantastic convertible seat and one we’d recommend to a pal.

The Graco Extend2Fit gets the highest score for crash test outcomes with a combined head and chest sensor result that surpasses your competition. This seat offers impressive results for installing with LATCH, that could translate to raised safety as much real-world injuries are connected with installation errors. These results mean the Extend2Fit potentially has an additional margin of protection over your competition we tested, so that it is the perfect choice for many who desire top safety results. Increase this that the Extend2Fit could stay rear-facing for longer compared to the most seats (up to 50 lbs), and you have a wonderful cocktail of features that creates a potentially safer environment.

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The Extend2Fit isn’t the best quality, and it feels as though it generally does not offer as much for comfort as similarly priced seats, so that it could be less cozy for long distances. However, not surprisingly concern, the Graco is an outstanding choice for parents who would like the most effective crash test outcomes and see value in the rear-facing safety potential over style and padding.

The Evenflo Tribute LX is somewhat of a dark horse in comparison to our usual COST EFFECTIVE choices as it is not a high-ranking option. So, why did we give it an award? The product gets the second best-combined crash test outcomes out out of all the contenders in this review, and it sports the cheapest price. This combo of factors helps it be a standout option that proves this is a worthwhile contender for anybody on the tightest budget or buying a potential second seat. The Evenflo includes a price considerably less than your competition, a machine washable cover, simple to use vehicle belt pathway, and among the easiest buckles available. The product can be super lightweight at only over 9 lbs and is narrow at 17 inches. These factors make it someone to consider if you want to carry an automobile seat regularly or have to fit multiple safety seats in a row.

The Nuna RAVA is an extremely high-end convertible product with plush comfort padding, a brilliant soft fabric cover, and an extremely sleek look with quality construction and high focus on detail. The Nuna offers top performance in the comfort and quality metric and is simple to install whichever method you will need. We just like the simple to use features upon this seat and the much better than average crash test analysis that indicates a potential margin of safety over the common seat inside our lineup.

The Nuna is relatively expensive when compared to competition, rendering it a no-go for all those on a tighter budget. Additionally it is very heavy because of the added padding and strong frame that make it earn impressive results for comfort and quality. The weight means it might not exactly be the best option for frequent traveling or carpooling, as we think many parents won’t want to lug this hefty seat very far for lengthy. Generally, the Nuna can be an exceptional quality seat with impressive scores generally in most metrics, and for families where budget is less of a problem and quality is a high criterion, the Nuna is one for your shortlist.