Our four kids have finally spent over 2 yrs with Dash and we still haven’t seen an improved, more well-rounded robot to instruct coding and robotics to small children. This little blue trike is friendly, rugged, intuitive, and expandable. He includes a ton of free software and paid accessories that teach real programming at all levels. Surprisingly, the bottom unit isn’t that expensive; even though you buy a few of his many, many add-ins, Dash continues to be an excellent value for homes and classrooms alike.

Because of each one of these accolades, Dash earns our highest “Richly Recommended” rating and can no doubt earn a location at home or classroom.

Want to see some numerical and categorical scores for Dash? Skip to the final outcome for our detailed standards breakdown and final review score.

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What’s Included & What’s NECESSARY FOR Dash
In the box you’ll find:

Dash the blue robot
USB charging cord (Dash comes with an internal rechargeable battery)
Building brick connectors for LEGO-style bricks
Starting out guide (very short; most instructions are in the app)
Not included, but required: You’ll need an Apple or Android cellular phone or tablet, or Amazon Fire tablet. Dash includes a variety of applications aimed toward different activities and age levels, so it’s more than likely you’ll manage to find an ideal version to suit this and interests of your son or daughter or student.

Overview: What’s Dash?
Dash is a well-built, mature entrant in to the “robot toy that teaches coding” category. The hardware design is many years old now, but Dash has aged effectively due to all of the software updates, expansion packs, and 3rd-party platforms you need to use.

Dash’s Hardware
As you can plainly see from our “In the Box” section, the Dash package includes the robot itself and just one single accessory: the LEGO brick connector. Dash’s body is a straightforward three-wheeled design, making the complete robot about how big is a cantaloupe.
Dash is durable, cute, educational, and affordable, so let’s examine everything that will help decide whether to get him.

Dash’s Apps
Wonder Workshop requires a different approach with their programs than we’ve observed in almost every other toys. Rather than providing an individual solution, they segment by task and age in order that younger kids get yourself a simple iphone app and older kids can code and explore. Listed below are Dash’s current apps:

Wonder is the key application which includes thematic challenges and an icon-based visual program writing language that’s unique to Wonder Workshop.
Go may be the beginner’s iphone app that turns Dash right into a remote-controlled car making use of your tablet or phone as the controller.
Path starts the 1st step of programming by letting kids plot out a straightforward course for Dash to check out.
Blockly may be the Wonder Workshop implementation of the familiar visual program writing language called Scratch. You can drag shapes and put them in sequence stacks to perform surprisingly complex programs.
Xylo enables you to write songs for Dash to play on his Xylophone accessory.

Dash’s Extensive Accessory Ecosystem
Dash’s maturity is most evidenced by the huge selection of add-on packs and accessories you can buy. Here are simply a several best types (all of the images here are clickable and take you right to Amazon’s listing for each and every item):

Dot is a little companion robot that doesn’t move. Instead, he interacts with Dash with lights and sound. The most recent version includes dress-up items, games, stickers and a huge amount of activities. Dot is a toy robot in his own right and you could certainly purchase him first, but he doesn’t move at all (did I mention that?), so he’ll quickly get boring. He’s mostly useful as a pal for Dash, but Dot may be the least economical accessory.
Challenge cards use Dash to provide you with ideas for coding different activities and learning objectives. They’re almost fifty cents a card, so not really a great value, but could possibly be exquisite for a classroom environment.
Launcher turns Dash right into a dangerous weapon! Or a physics learning tool, according to your viewpoint. It cleverly uses the motors in Dash’s “ears” to launch tiny hollow balls and turns your living room right into a medieval catapult warzone. We feel that Launcher is a good of all accessories.
Sketch Kit is a fairly audacious concept, using Dash to carry a pen that essentially becomes a free-form plotter/printer. The huge drawback with this kit is finding a dry-erase surface for him to perform on, so it’s definitely more suitable for classroom use where presumably you can discover a spare whiteboard atlanta divorce attorneys random closet. Or, choose the Wonder Workshop dry-erase mat.
Xylophone is probably the oldest & most popular accessories, and it has its self-titled app. The kit has a real eight-note xylophone and a little little mallet that switches into among Dash’s “ear” motors. He can change his head rapidly going to anybody of the eight notes, allowing your son or daughter or student to compose songs in the iphone app for Dash to play. It’s a neat concept and perfect in execution.
Is Dash Fun and Educational?
Dash Includes a Fun Personality
The main element to understanding Dash is that they’ve tried to create him a child-like explorer. It’s a mostly successful attempt because from the start wake-up sequence, Dash will convince you that he’s cute and really wants to learn. The initial bulbous tetrahedral condition and powerful blue color make the impending robot apocalypse seem to be somewhat charming, let’s assume that these are the tiny guys who’ll be our future mechanical overloads.