Despite mixed opinions on the overall game at launch, it can not be argued that the Destiny is becoming one of the primary names in the market today. Maintaining a wholesome player base 3 years after launch, Bungie’s online shooter has been the most recent success story for the developer – creating a name near overshadowing its Halo series.

Four expansions, thousands of hours, and an endless onslaught of loot later, the game’s successor, Destiny 2, has finally hit store shelves. Delivering a much-improved Story mode, a slew of enhancements to gameplay and a more deeply ecosystem, the game has already been shaping up to be one of the primary launches in 2017. Even though Destiny 2 may surpass its promises, several stray from being truly a true evolution.

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Story: Taking back the Light
Dominus Ghaul – infamous leader of the “Red Legion” Cabal faction.

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Destiny 2 begins soon after the events of the first game, with players flying in to the Last City – the ultimate outpost and safe haven for humanity, protected by the occurrence the Traveler. The mysterious orb still hovers above the town, serving as the foundation of “Light” gives Guardians their strength and talents in combat. However, after arrival, the settlement is situated in a fiery state of disrepair, amid an all-out assault from the “Red Legion” faction, led by Dominus Ghaul.

Ghaul believes the Light was sent to humanity in error and so that they can harness its power, commands his forces to dominate metropolis and capture the Traveller. No matter your time and efforts, Red Legion forces will be able to obstruct the Light of the Traveler, draining all powers from Earth’s final defenses. Now vulnerable and missing the surprise of Light, all Guardians flee the Tower in refuge over the solar system.

Destiny 2’s opening creates the premise for the rest of its narrative, in a quest to regain your Light from the Traveler and use your powers to remove Ghaul. Together with your Vanguard sidekicks now in hiding, the overall game occurs across various new locations, to develop abilities, assemble a team and claim back your homeland.

The struggles of each character could be felt throughout Destiny 2’s story.

Among the principal focuses of its Destiny 2’s story is character development, with a clear improvement on the events that occurred in its predecessor. Within the first game, the mild storytelling felt just like a bridge between gameplay, Destiny 2 better validates its inclusion with a much heavier give attention to building the overarching world.

Following capture of the Traveller and nov the Last City, the story explores a fresh angle on the conflict, wanting to bring up the average person struggles of the complete cast. Each of the key characters has their own backgrounds and values behind attempting to avenge the Traveler’s fall and through the entire game they are explored to create a greater knowledge of each character’s personality. Stretching beyond mediocre radio banter goes quite a distance to make players emotionally spend money on characters, even though Destiny 2 doesn’t deliver revolutionary storytelling, simply adding further context and depth to the world is a welcome change to see.

Stretching beyond mediocre radio banter goes quite a distance when emotionally buying characters.

It will also be stressed how crucial the debut of Ghaul is to Destiny’s story, evidently outlining him and his Red Legion army as distinct enemies between various existing conflicts on earth. Instead of ambiguously pushing “the darkness” as the key foe, Ghaul’s occurrence sets a well-defined goal and supports understanding the crux of the narrative regardless of your investment.

Remember your feathered friends.

Destiny 2’s opening begins strong, with arguably a few of best early hours of both gameplay and story I’ve experienced from a shooter in a few time. Between its cinematic edge to gameplay, engaging environments, and properly synced score, your first endeavor in to the world feels truly memorable. A mixture of tense combat and heartfelt occasions establish the exemplar of what Bungie strives to accomplish and makes a striking sense of occurrence through its atmosphere.

Destiny 2’s opening begins strong, with arguably a few of best early hours of both gameplay and story I’ve experienced from a shooter.

Despite its powerful opening, the momentum of Destiny 2’s main campaign commences to dwindle as time passes, losing a number of the charms during its opening hours of gameplay. After regaining your Light powers and moving onward to new locations, missions commence to feel less animated and lose their sense of awe, by falling right into a structure similar to the original. As the story is a significant improvement after the first game, a degradation comprehensive struggled to keep me fully engaged before end credits.

Looking back at what the initial Destiny first offered, it’s clear what lengths the studio has can be found in accumulating its world. As opposed to a predecessor that left me unsure if it had was even concluded after my first playthrough, Destiny 2 gives a satisfying (although predictable) adventure that sparks deeper consideration because of its universe. Overall with a tease of what’s to come for future content, it’ll be interesting to see if Bungie can maintain steadily its delivery of richer story content through expansions.