If your kids wish to play with their particular prehistoric pals, it is time to get them dinosaur toys. Dinosaur toys are just about the most varied categories in the market. While there are a good amount of realistic iterations featuring ferocious teeth and claws, additionally, there are a multitude of friendly figurines and plushies. Basically, there’s a dinosaur toy for each and every kid — and several adults end up fascinated, too.

For more information about dinosaur toys, have a look at our buying guide, which include reviews of some of our favorites by the end. Our top choice is Papo’s Spinosaurus. This jurassic wonder will inspire imaginative play using its fine, textured detail and action-ready stance.

Considerations whenever choosing dinosaur toys

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Age range

There are dinosaur toys for kids of most ages, from infants through adolescents. Needlessly to say, dinosaurs “evolve” with regards to their features to be well suited for certain ages. Those aimed toward toddlers, for instance, have rounded edges and friendlier faces than more realistic dinosaur toys made for 10-year-olds.


It’s common for kids to gravitate toward certain types of dinosaurs or even to select a favorite one. This certainly really helps to narrow your seek out dinosaur toys, as you know you’re buying a stegosaurus or pterodactyl. If your son or daughter wish to explore other dinosaurs, there are variety sets that include a assortment of different species.


Toy manufacturers take liberties in terms of accuracy and detail in dinosaur toys. However, there are several toys that feature realistic detail and texture in terms of skin, articulating parts, or scale sizing. Dinosaur toys aimed toward older children, and educational models, often feature more accurate detail.

Popular types of dinosaur toys

Figurines: Dinosaur figurines can be purchased in a broad selection of sizes, from a couple inches tall to the ones that are three feet long. Generally, they’re made out of high-grade plastic or rubber and so are durable enough for heavy play.

Interactive: If your children are fascinated with snarls and roars, choose an interactive dinosaur toy. These vocal critters produce sounds when pressed, and there are even some that react to voice commands. These toys sometimes have a set of batteries. If it is time to displace them, you may want to access them through a panel that’s screwed into place.

Plushies: Dinosaur plushies are popular for younger kids who want to cuddle with them at naptime or bedtime; some can double as pillows. There are even plushie sets having a whole category of dinosaurs. These can have interactive factors including vocal sounds, music, or flashing lights.

Building toys: LEGO and Playmobil manufacture dinosaur-inspired sets. If your kid loves building together with dinosaurs, these dinosaur toys certainly are a home run. Because they include smaller parts and require some extent of independence for assembly, they’re typically aimed toward kids ages eight and above.


Dinosaur figurines and plushies start at $4 apiece and may cost up to $50 for full-fledged sets. Interactive varieties and building sets cost from $10 to $60. Collectible dinosaur toys can cost $75 and above.


Q. How do you know if a dinosaur toy is educational?

A. Dinosaur toys aimed toward classroom or educational use could be packaged differently than regular toys. They typically state how and just why features and details are scientifically accurate, plus they list the scientific names of the dinosaurs.

Q. How do you access the panel in my own interactive dinosaur toy to improve the batteries?

A. These panels usually are flush and also have tiny screws to secure them, and a screwdriver that small might not exactly participate your regular toolbox. If the toy didn’t have a set of its, invest in a group of eyeglass repair tools to open the panel.