Carseat safety is incredibly important, but with so many brands all claiming to execute small miracles, deciding on a car seat could be beyond daunting. I understand that’s how I felt as an initial time mom, looking at all the several options.

A car seat includes a very important job protecting your son or daughter from being harmed therefore it’s in all of your family’s best interest to make certain you have really done your quest before investing in a seat.

And as important as safety is, it isn’t the only consideration for the Diono Rainier carseat. Installing this seat could be somewhat confusing and start to see the NHTSA ratings below.

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Important thing: We don’t recommend this carseat mainly since it is difficult to use (though it is quite safe and fits well in narrow cars). Browse the Britax Frontier instead, and see our review here.

Ratings Much like Other High-End CHILD CAR SEATS
This carseat is rated fairly high across a number of different shopping sites, since it should be for the purchase price. Enough persons have purchased the merchandise from a number of different stores that the confidence level in the stars is pretty high.

These were the first brand to make a folding carseat that had a complete metal frame. Diono has four different lines of child car seats: the Olympia, the Pacifica, the Radian 3RXT and the newest model, the Rainier which takes child car seats to a complete new level.

It really is an upgrade of the Radian 3RXT, filled with deeper walls privately (an excellent plus with regards to safety) in addition to a greater weight and height capacity. Children up to 50lbs can sit rear facing comfortably and forward facing up to 90lbs.

Once they certainly are a tiny bit older, the Rainier 2AXT model converts right into a booster seat that may support a kid up to 120lbs. The standard Rainier 2AX will not convert right into a booster.

Let’s look at a number of the key features and feedback on the Diono Rainier.

Safety Top features of the Diono Rainier 2AX CARSEAT
As a parent, of course, safety may be the first component of an automobile seat that I am worried about. It doesn’t matter how aesthetically pleasing or comfortable it really is, I have to be completely certain that must i be in a vehicle accident, my car seat of preference could keep my child safe.

Crash Tested
All Diono child car seats are crash tested frequently to maintain a higher standard. Moreover, all all-in-one child car seats by Diono surpass Federal crash test standards that i think is pretty impressive.

One stick out difference between your Rainier and other child car seats are its deep side walls, an attribute that the other Diono child car seats don’t have. They are crucial to protect your son or daughter against side impact in case of a major accident. These walls are also lined with EPS, a power absorbing foam that supplies additional head and body protection.

Over and above all this, the Diono Rainier carseat includes a full steel frame and is reinforced with aluminium in order that you can be confident that your child is totally protected whilst driving.

Another nifty safety feature may be the SafeStop energy-absorbing harness which really helps to reduce effect on children that are seated in the forward facing position. In the unlikely event you are within an accident, the SafeStop energy-absorbing harness creates a bungee like effect, which, helps to protect your son or daughter against serious impact.

Locked Indicator
Another great addition to Rainier may be the SuperLATCH. When you have strapped your son or daughter in, you will hear a click together with see a obvious indicator that your son or daughter is definitely securely fastened to their car seat.

Ideal for All Ages
Although the Diono Rainier 2AX costs a fairly penny, you won’t have to buy another carseat for your son or daughter! Suitable from newborn, the Rainier has extended rear-facing capacity, until your son or daughter is 50lbs. From then on, the 5 point harness continues to be perfect to use in the forward facing position until your son or daughter weighs 90lbs.

But No Booster
Here’s the only bad part though, the Rainier 2AX will not convert right into a booster seat. You’ll have to have the Radian 3RXT or the Rainier 2AXT for a booster seat that’s properly safe to use until your son or daughter weighs 120lbs. But you’ll certainly pay more for that longevity.

Installation Not easy and simple
A pretty helpful tool on the Diono website is that they demonstrate precisely how exactly to install the Diono Rainier.

With that said though, several consumers have noted that installation is rather difficult, tedious and isn’t completely compatible for smaller cars.

Many have discovered that the angle adjuster does make it easier, though it is another purchase at the top an already pricey carseat which is somewhat off-putting. There are numerous of different straps and parts according to which weight category you are setting the seat up for which can most surely get confusing.

If you ask me, this isn’t the largest deal breaker as we keep our carseat inside our car. But in the event that you plan on making use of your carseat as a carrier or have to switch it between cars quite regularly, it might learn to get really annoying.

Space-Saving Size
Something that pays to may be the space-saving design of the automobile seat, this allows for some cars in order to accommodate 2 seats easily, a huge plus for all those with more than one young child in an automobile seat. The space-saving design also signifies that even with one carseat, the other passengers won’t feel squashed in the trunk seat.