That’s where Dyson differs. If you haven’t used or tried the company’s vacs yet, it’s likely as a result of the price point. In the end, how most of us are able vacuum pressure cleaner that costs practically Rs. 60,000, right? Well, that’s not really a question Dyson worries about.

Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is without a doubt expensive but it addittionally brings features with tangible benefits in your daily cleaning needs.

The V11 is obviously an incremental update over the V10 from this past year, but 125,000 rpm motor inside is undeniably strong. If expensive means good, Dyson certainly ticks the proper boxes.

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We tried cleaning a 2BHK apartment with the V11 and also have some interesting observations to create.

For just one, the V11’s battery life sways between 15 to 60 minutes, according to the mode you’re using it in. The Boost mode, which may be the strongest, runs the battery dry in about 15-20 minutes, as the other two — Eco and Auto — last between around 30 minutes to one hour. The Eco mode, of course, lasts the longest. You can observe all of this on the screen along with the vacuum.

That’s virtually what Dyson advertises too, and admittedly those numbers fell a tad low to us — until we actually used it.

If you clean your home regularly, the Boost mode on the V11 will hardly ever be needed. So, essentially, you is only going to require it to suck dust from areas that escape attention for months.

Alternatively, the Eco mode appears to suffice for cobwebs, dust settled in corners, particles from food etc. on sheets and more. If you do wish for higher suction, the auto mode would be the go to choice generally.

Due to this fact, the practical battery life of the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is nearer to an hour than a quarter-hour. So, it’ll suffice for cleaning most urban flats on cleaning day. The catch, of course, is to completely clean regularly.

With that said, Dyson would increase its stick vacs’ value immensely if it could work out how to provide higher battery life. Unlike the west, levels of dust and how fast dust accumulates is a lot higher in India, so products just like the V11 could possibly be less or even more valuable according to your living conditions.

The auto mode on the V11 may also sense floor types, if you switch from the ground to the carpet, the vacuum changes suction accordingly. This responsive cleaning is a thing that sets the V11 aside from other stick vacs in the market.

As we discussed earlier, the V11 can be an incremental update to the V10. Which means you should retain the V10 when you have one. Apart from responsive cleaning, the V11 includes a screen which though useful, isn’t indispensable. But so far as suction power and tank size can be involved, the V10 is merely as useful. Dyson says it improved suction by 20%, but that’s difficult to discern in practical usage.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to discover the best handheld vacuum cleaner you can purchase in India at this time, the V11 is really as good as it could get.