When Microsoft announced the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 earlier this season, I was intrigued but slightly wary. I’ve been using at the very top controller in the last four years, and it’s simply been the very best Xbox controller I’ve ever used. But after replacing it once for the reason that grips peeled off, it just happened again, and I’ve been using a broken controller since. Combine that with similar stories I’ve heard about failed bumpers or the textured grips slipping out of place, and it’s clear Microsoft had some quality control issues on its original premium $150 controller.

I’ve been testing the brand new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 (we’re likely to call it the Xbox Elite 2 controller) in the last fourteen days, putting it through its paces in order to test both its features and construction. Microsoft has refined every part of the controller and added some very nice new additions like adjustable-tension thumbsticks, even shorter hair-trigger locks, USB-C, and Bluetooth connectivity. With a fresh, lighter design which includes wraparound rubberized grips that are as long as your thumbs, the Elite 2 is a lot more comfortable to use all night of gaming compared to the original.

The Xbox Elite 2 controller is merely the very best Xbox controller you can spend your cash on. It’s also the most expensive at $179.99, practically the same price as an Xbox One S bundle. Microsoft has jumped way beyond opponents like Scuf using its design and customization, and if you’re ready to spend $179.99 then you’ll certainly get everything you pay for. I simply can’t say whether it’ll last beyond the 90-day warranty.

Microsoft’s design changes to the Xbox Elite 2 controller look mostly cosmetic initially, nonetheless they go far deeper and genuinely change just how you can utilize this controller. The first clear change over the initial may be the new wraparound textured grips. As I wrote earlier, these grips were controversial on the initial Elite controller. I’ve really been trying to torture them in the last two weeks, and I believe it’s fair to state the grips are better designed compared to the original. They now go completely up to your thumbs and stretch around all of where your palms rest against the Elite 2. It creates the controller way less slippery to carry, and it almost feels cooler over longer periods of gaming.

Alongside these new grips, Microsoft has made a whole lot of smaller changes that aren’t immediately obvious. The Xbox button that you utilize to navigate around the Xbox One dashboard or the Elite 2 controller’s power-on button is currently a whole lot sturdier and clickier. Additionally, there are three LEDs that light to inform you which profile you have selected. Similar to the original, there’s no instant, on-device button remapping, nevertheless, you can create three profiles to quickly switch between.

The Xbox Accessories iphone app enables you to fully customize all of the buttons on the Elite 2 controller. There are four additional paddles at the trunk, which are probably just a little excessive for many people. I’ve always found it convenient to use a couple of of the paddles, and take away the kinds I’m not using. That choice and overall flexibility reflect the amount of customization you get with the Elite 2 controller.

I’ve mapped the jump button to 1 of the paddles, therefore i can maneuver in shooters without needing to take my thumbs off the thumbsticks. It will be gives me hook good thing about mobility in fast-paced first-person shooters over rivals who are by using a regular controller. You can even map options like “record that” to have a clip of your gameplay.

Not used to the Xbox Elite 2 may be the capability to use shift options for buttons. This implies you can take down a paddle or button and it could activate a remapped command for just about any of the controller’s other buttons. This macro-like functionality feels as though it’ll be particularly useful for strategy games where you must input a whole lot of moves in quick succession, for building in Fortnite, or to improve sensitivity for when you’re aiming down sights for crispy headshots.

The Xbox Accessories software really enables you to customize so much here that it’s almost an overwhelming degree of choice. I love the flexibleness, and I’m sure we’ll visit a large amount of fun and interesting options for a number of games here.