Frozen II is merely over fourteen days away and our friends at Hasbro surprised us with a huge box of merchandise as part of #FrozenFanFest. In the giant chest were a variety of dolls, action figures, and play sets, furthermore to Frozen-ified versions of classic Hasbro products like Play-Doh, Monopoly, and Trouble.

Hasbro’s singing Elsa and Anna dolls feature light-up chest accents that project designs onto their dress. Elsa projects snowflakes while Anna shows fall leaves. Elsa sings the chorus of “In to the Unknown” and Anna sings the chorus of “ANOTHER Right Thing.” Both dolls are within their signature looks from Frozen II and so are a fantastic choice for kids starting their Frozen toy collection.

Kids who prefer a dress-up aspect with their dolls will need the Arendelle Fashion Dolls. Anna and Elsa can be found in their nightgowns from the film and will become their Arendelle daytime looks.

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Kids who fall deeply in love with the water spirit (the Nokk) can truly add it with their collection in this playset that is included with an Elsa doll. This is actually the only way to get Elsa in her watery look which doll’s hair features iridescent strands. The horse itself is transparent when organized to the light.

I was sent Anna, nevertheless, you may also get Elsa in this same configuration. Her hair is longer and it includes a tool which makes tight braids. You utilize a special comb to split up three strands and a hook to thread them in to the machine. Pulling a trigger causes the strands of hair to overlap the other person and you will control the distance of the braid. The doll includes extra elastic bands and two themed hair clips.

As well as the above play sets and fashion dolls, you can purchase individual dolls the old fashioned way. My box included among Lieutenant Mattias, whose outfit includes some cool plastic shoulder pads.

The Sledding Adventures Playset seems to give the most value for your money, with three dolls (Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff) within their signature looks furthermore to an Olaf and Sven figure and a sleigh. Comparing the $15 cost of the dolls sold separately with the $79.99 suggested retail price, you’d expect the caliber of the other figures to be excellent. Sadly, Olaf’s only point of articulation as his arms and the sleigh easily comes apart, making for frustrating playtime.

Frozen II action figures can be purchased individual and in play sets. I received two play sets, the first called “Frozen Adventure Collection” includes Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and Gale. The “Family Set” includes Queen Iduna, young Elsa, young Anna, and Olaf. The average person figure in my own box was a fresh character named Honeymaren.

“Pop Adventures” is a toy collection which includes squishy mini action figures which come in jewel case blind boxes. You may also get play sets, just like the one for Elsa’s bedroom. They’re similar to “Polly Pocket,” but on a more substantial scale and the squishy texture makes them far more fun.

This is actually the coolest Play-Doh set I’ve ever seen! It offers an Elsa figure, a dome, twist able play-dog cutter, and eight mystery shapes. I acquired Anna, Bruno, earth giants, Olaf, and the bottom has additional shapes. You get four color Play-Doh tubs and a more substantial tub of white dough to help make the snow. You load it in to the twistable gutter and set it along with the dome. As you twist, it cuts tiny snowflake shapes and drops them onto the scene you create inside.

The classic game of Monopoly gets a Frozen makeover. Rather than property, you’re buying up memories and the overall game board tells the story of both Frozen films as you travel around the board. A fresh degree of play includes the snowflake, that can be unlocked by landing on a particular space or through a number of the Royal Decree or Family Crest cards. The player must share a favorite memory and reaches place the snowflake on a memory they own, doubling the cost of the next player to go to. The themed pawns and houses and castles put in a magical touch to family game night.

The classic game of Trouble gets an icy overlay, literally. The four Olaf pawns have a midsection manufactured from ice and the mold that is included with the game helps it be simple to setup. The object is usually to be the last Olaf standing with an icy midsection, which isn’t easy whenever your turn may find you submerging him within an ice bath, pouring water over him, or shaking ice at the top.

Most of these and more great Frozen II products from Hasbro are actually obtainable in a toy aisle in your area.

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