Cute faces, soft fur, and many characters have always attracted kids to plush toys, but FurReal Friends add a lot more excitement with interactive reactions. These adorable toys perform movements like jumping, cuddling, and walking and make sounds in response with their young owners. There are a number of animals available, including bears, cats, and monkeys.

FurReal Friends are so adorable, picking the correct one could be challenging. Fortunately, our buying guide provides information that will help you decide, including information regarding popular FurReal toys, like well known, Pom Pom My Baby Panda Pet, who delights youngsters with an increase of than 45 interactions.

Considerations whenever choosing FurReal Friends

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Just how do FurReal Friends work?

FurReal Friends may appear to be typical plush toys, but beneath their soft exteriors are battery-powered electronic mechanisms that control their motions and sounds — think fuzzy robots, and you get the idea. Once powered up, FurReal Friends offer numerous fun interactions.

Different toys interact in several ways, including sounds and movements when touched, squeezed, talked to, and petted. Some FurReal Friends walk, snuggle, and even play peek-a-boo. The sounds they make are simply as entertaining as their motions — dogs that bark, tigers that growl, and bears that produce cooing or sleepy sounds, to mention a few. Some friends even play music.

FurReal Friends categories

Premium plush friends: They are arguably the most used FurReal Friends, as they give the most interactions and so are obtainable in numerous characters. Many pets in this category perform around 35 to 50 motions and sounds. However, some higher-priced options deliver 100 or even more responses with their young owners.

Walkalots: Even before they’re old enough to walk a genuine pet on a leash, kids want to pretend. FurReal Friends Walkalots make it simple to do because they include attached leashes. They walk and make cute noises, as being a real pet.

Cuties: For kiddos who love soft toys that easily fit into the palm of their hand, Cuties will be the perfect little pals. These pint-sized friends are soft and make sweet sounds when squeezed. Although they don’t really offer as much responses as other FurReal Friends, they’re just as adorable.



Each kid includes a favorite character, and there are various kinds of FurReal Friends to match them. Many of the most popular toys feature horses, dogs, cats, monkeys, teddies, pandas, unicorns, dinosaurs, and tigers. Whatever the character you choose, you may expect adorable movements and its particular unique sounds.

Age appropriateness

Virtually any kid would be drawn to FurReal Friends, but take into account that they aren’t suitable for toddlers. Kids age four and older can appreciate the amount of interaction it requires to play with these advanced toys.


One way kids can connect to their FurReal Friends has been the accessories that include most of them. These additional toys vary and could include sunglasses, play treats, baby bottles, and mini pals.


The least expensive FurReal Friends are Cuties that are priced around $15 or less and Walkalots that cost between $10 and $30. You can discover a few premium plush friends in the number around $25 to $35, but people that have more interactive responses also cost more. Be prepared to pay around $40 to $55 for all those that perform 30 to 40 sounds and motions, and as much as $60 to more than $100 for all those that perform 45 to 100 or even more fun responses.


Q. What’s the easiest way to clean a FurReal Friend?

A. Kids could be messy, so spills and stains on toys are inevitable. However, FurReal Friends can not be submerged in water, as moisture would damage their mechanical components. The simplest way to clean a soiled FurReal Friend is to gently scrub the dirty spot with a damp cloth. Let it dry before you give it back again to your child.

Q. Do FurReal Friends include batteries?

A. Many FurReal Friends are shipped with batteries, so they’re prepared to be used right out the box.