The Garmin Virb 360 ($799.99) is probably the priciest 360-degree cameras that you can buy at this time. It’s built very well, with a hardcore waterproof style and integrated GPS. So when going for its top-end 5.7K video option, it offers footage that’s sharpened and lifelike. But software program support for stitching video recording together could possibly be better, as could battery lifestyle. There are several cameras we like better, like the GoPro Fusion, which can be on the pricey area, or the budget-friendly, Editors’ Choice Samsung Gear 360.

The Virb 360 departs from the taller form factors we’ve seen from various 360-degree camcorders. It’s squat, measuring 1.5 by 2.3 by 2.8 in . (HWD) and weighing in at about 5.6 ounces. There’s a lens on each one of the two much longer sides, a monochrome details LCD and control buttons at the top, and a change to begin and prevent documenting on the shorter area. A little tripod, which doubles as a grasp for the camera when folded, is roofed.

The camera does not have any kind of mounting hardware incorporated in to the body. Rather it ships with two accessory clips, one with a typical tripod socket and another with a GoPro accessory mount. Each clips onto underneath, blocking usage of the battery compartment. That isn’t a huge package as the battery is usually charged in-camera, and the micro USB slot to provide power is situated on the short area, opposite the Record move. The micro HDMI port and microSD slot happen to be as well in this compartment.

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There are three buttons at the top, beneath the monochrome LCD: Power, Fine, and Wi-Fi. They dual as menu navigation settings, and the OK option also takes a photo. You can placed a self-timer in the menu, up to 60 seconds long, which means you don’t necessarily need to use your mobile to regulate the camera and stay out of a go.

Battery life varies predicated on video top quality. We netted 37 a few minutes of 5.7K footage and 67 minutes of 4K footage in a complete charge. Thankfully we could actually record our 5.7K video without overheating, although Garmin does warn that heat is definitely an issue when recording at the best resolution. The YI 360, which costs half just as much as the Virb, also data at 5.7K, but turn off because of excessive heat after in regards to a 50 percent hour of recording, and managed about 45 minutes altogether after being given period to cool down.

The Virb is waterproof with out a case. It’s ranked for use in normal water as deep as 33 feet. That’s like the GoPro Fusion, as well waterproof with out a case, however the Fusion is bound to use in 16 feet of water.

Mobile phone control via Wi-Fi is available. The Garmin Virb app, designed for Android and iOS, displays a live preview from the Virb’s lenses. It enables you to snap pictures, start and prevent video take, record time-lapse footage, or broadcast live to Facebook or YouTube.

The iphone app shows a live feed from the lenses, and lets you transfer 4K video to your phone. You can’t transfer the 5.7K footage-this should be stitched using desktop application. At this stage, the GoPro Fusion may be the simply 360 camera we’ve experienced with stitching support for bigger than 4K footage with a portable app; the Fusion information at a slightly extra modest 5.2K.

Desktop software is designed for macOS and House windows, nonetheless they aren’t equally functional. The Mac program can ingest and stitch 5.7K footage, but can only just output at 4K top quality. Garmin promised to upgrade it “soon,” but there were no improvements since October. You will have to stitch video recording employing the Windows program to take good thing about the Virb’s top image resolution setting.

The Virb records a whole lot of extra info beside video. It comes with an included GPS and movement sensors and will overlay various items of data onto your video recording. It’s optional, but if you need to visit a live speedometer together with your video it really is an option. Both mobile and desktop software support the feature.

Video and Imaging
You have several options with regards to capturing footage with the Virb. By default the camera is established to stitch footage in real-time, however your resolution is bound to 4K at 30fps. Also you can want to record with either zoom lens at 1080p with a constrained 16:9 body, at the selection of 60 or 120fps. Which allows the Virb to double as a normal action camera, much just as you can with the Samsung Equipment 360.