Situations that require a GoPro remote
Riding my bike: My own GoPro is attached to my own helmet and the remote control is mounted upon the handlebar. I could extend my thumb going to the record key and make an instant look into its display to make sure it’s actually recording.

Launching the smartphone’s GoPro application or perhaps fiddling with the GoPro on your own helmet are significantly less than ideal solutions.
Positioned from the GoPro: Once I keep my GoPro in a tripod, employing the sensible remote is by much the simplest way to begin recording.

Group photos: When We take a step back again from the surveillance camera for an organization shot, I don’t like to count on the GoPro’s timer and pray for an excellent outcome. Instead, I could activate the shutter at an ideal moment.

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…And I get all that work with from it as a everyday GoPro individual. I am great that those involved in excessive sports like browsing, kayaking or skydiving will discover a remote control essential for shooting videos.

Charging Your GoPro Remote
All GoPro remotes communicate by using a WiFi signal. This uses strength and it can mean you will need to recharge them employing the supplied USB cable connection every once in awhile.

If you use the state GoPro Smart Remote or the Suptig handy remote control, you may want to consider getting this triple charger.

This charger has two charging ports for removable lithium ion GoPro battery packs. The third port enables you to dock the whole remote control on (via the charging/mount clip highlighted on the wise remote and Suptig distant).

GoPro Smart Remote control Vs GoPro App
In the event that you own a GoPro, it’s likely that you’ve already downloaded the Android or iOS GoPro app. This also enables you to remotely control your GoPro.

Each method of handy remote control has its advantages.

The smart remote is way better for:

Range. The smart distant includes a typical WiFi selection of 200-600 feet. The GoPro iphone app has a selection of 35-50 feet.
Usability. Wearing gloves? Practical handlebars? Employing the smartphone iphone app is hard and you’re far better off with the sensible remote.
Harsh conditions. The wise remote is a lot more durable and in addition waterproof.
Controlling multiple cams. I haven’t analyzed this myself however the smart remote permits you to concurrently control up to 50 GoPros!
The GoPro App is way better for:

Live preview. Your phone’s display screen turns into a viewfinder and you will preview and body your shots.
Changing settings. Changing adjustments from the application is a lot more intuitive than carrying it out employing the smart remote.
Price. The iphone app is free!
Another Alternative: MAKING USE OF YOUR GoPro’s Voice Control
If your GoPro features voice control (almost all of the newer kinds do), you can control it remotely by stating among the voice commands.

I occassionally use tone of voice commands, but there are a few issues worth noting:

Doesn’t always reliably grab your voice.
Very limited range, regardless if you shout.
You don’t know if you’ve started recording if you don’t look at your GoPro’s status light.
Does not suit conditions where you don’t wish to disturb your environment.
Final Thoughts
Hopefully you’ve enjoyed studying my tips for GoPro remotes.

Although expensive, the state GoPro smart distant is unquestionably my recommendation. Its native compatibility, mounting clip and outstanding WiFi selection and waterproofing generate it worth the excess money.

If you’re nearly prepared to spend that many on a remote control, try the GoPro software or tone of voice control. These won’t expense a cent and may fulfill your requirements for the moment.

I’m a photographer and the principle editor of Capture Lead. I now are in Santa Barbara, California but spent many years across parts of SOUTH USA functioning as a journalist with my trusty good old Nikon D7100.