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The Graco Extend2Fit is a higher-end Graco with impressive top crash test outcomes. This seat is relatively lightweight and simple to use, with dual cup holders, side harness retainers, and a cool footrest that delivers additional legroom when rear-facing. The Extend2Fit can remain rear-facing up to 50 lbs, so that it is relatively unique, and it sports a no-rethread harness height adjustment you can operate together with your baby in the seat. This Graco is nearly 19 inches wide, that makes it a challenge to match three safety seats across or two seats and a grown-up. It usually is slightly harder to set up, and the product quality isn’t as nice as similarly priced options. However, this seat gets the best crash test outcomes, a budget-friendly price, and children can remain rear-facing longer (which is safer). So if you wish the very best crash test outcomes, then this Graco may be the one for you.

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Our Analysis and TEST OUTCOMES
The Graco company were only available in 1953 after Graco Metal Products made a decision to shift gears by hiring an engineer to create new types of products. Rex Thomas, along with David Saint, was inspired by a patio glider to create the first baby swing. The initial swing went on to market millions catapulting Graco onto the infant gear scene. Through the years, Graco has continued to create and create useful gear including child car seats, strollers, play yards, and more.

Performance Comparison

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The headrest of the Extend2Fit has dense EPS foam for impact absorption as well as the padding that’s part of the key shell.

While this Graco didn’t earn the very best results for the top sensor (HIC) or the chest clip sensor (g clip), it did have the best-combined sensor results for the group. Whilst every car seat in the marketplace in america must meet or exceed the Federal guidelines outlined in FMVSS 213, some seats do an improved job than others with an increase of impressive results that indicate yet another margin of protection. The Graco is unquestionably among these seats.

This Graco includes a HIC consequence of 214 Gs where in fact the high is 1000 and less result is better. The very best result because of this sensor is 186 earned by the Britax Allegiance. The image below shows a comparison of the Extend2Fit and the Allegiance.

The Extend2Fit includes a HIC consequence of 214 which is among the finest in the group. The graph shows this value compared to the very best in the band of 186 earned by the requirements by Britax Allegiance.

The Extend2Fit has an improved than average chest sensor result with a 40 Gs, nonetheless it isn’t enough to maintain with the Clek Foonf and its own consequence of 33.4 Gs.

The Extend2Fit chest clip sensor result is 40 where in fact the maximum allowed is 60, and less result is way better. This result is impressive but can’t contend with the Clek Foonf and its own 33.4 Gs result. The image above shows both compared. Only three products earned an improved result during testing.

The Extend2Fit gets the push button style LATCH anchor we believe are better to use both for attaching to the automobile and removal.

This Graco gets the push button design of LATCH anchor which we feel is better to use, in particular when trying to eliminate the clip from the automobile. The LATCH straps utilize the same belt pathway you utilize for the automobile belt installation, nonetheless it only includes a one-sided strap pull for tightening. This is often challenging in comparison to options with original tightening methods like self-ratcheting straps and center pull tightening.

The Graco includes a side level that involves a metal ball in a plastic case. This level helps parents determine if they have the seat properly installed. The angle adjustment on the Extend2Fit is easy and adjusts the angle to aid with installation.

The Extend2Fit buckle is comparable to the one on the Britax products. It really is somewhat stiff but simple to use. The chest clip n the other hand is convoluted rather than as intuitive as your competition.

The Extend2Fit includes a tightening strap on the foot and a harness release button hidden beneath the fabric and out of your sight of children.

The padding on the band can get in the form of adjusting and tightening the harness to match. While they could add comfort, they may be cumbersome. The harness is tightened with a pull strap at the base of the seat and released with a button above the strap under some fabric.

This Graco includes a no-rethread harness assembly to improve shoulder heights. It has 10 settings and the crotch strap has 2 for a far more specialized fit. It really is simple to operate with a lever squeeze (above left) and it moves smoothly along. The harness could be retained on each side (above right) and that means you don’t need to seek out the harness beneath the baby. It’s a good feature but like other similar designs, we think most parents will minimize using it after a couple of months.

LATCH Storage
The LATCH anchors put on the lower lip of the Graco shell on either side (above left). This storage design keeps the anchors taken care of, but also leaves them exposed for possible play by children. The manual stores on the bottom beneath the seat (above right) where it really is simple to access but taken care of of spills and potential vomit.

The Graco cover is challenging to log off, but once you do it really is machine washable in cool water. We think that is an enormous advantage over hand washing or spot cleaning of carseat covers. It can’t go in the drier, however, and should be line dried.

The Extend2Fit includes a footrest that extends legroom up to 5 inches allowing little kinds to stay comfortable rear-facing for longer.