What’s the thing most of the people say when confronted with a mature rear-facing toddler? “How about their legs? Aren’t they uncomfortable?” Well, no, actually, but Graco has taken the bull by the horns and addressed this problem with their new Extend2Fit convertible carseat. Their engineers have designed a distinctive tray that slides out to support growing legs as a kid sits rear-facing, giving epic legroom while still maintaining legroom for the adult in leading seat. They gave it a 50 lbs. rear-facing weight limit then added 2 (count ’em!) cup holders! Just how do they do it and for an acceptable price point? Continue reading if the Extend2Fit may be the seat for you as well as your child.

Fit to Child
The Extend2Fit was created to fit children from 4-65 lbs. and fit small babies, a body support and head pillow are included. Your body support can be used if the baby’s shoulders are below underneath harness slots, and it should be removed when the E2F is turned forward-facing. The harness pads also should be removed after forward-facing. The top pillow could be removed anytime. Though it looks puffy, the pillow actually compresses pretty easily so bigger noggins will be comfy with it too.

My 4 lbs. preemie doll didn’t fit well in the Extend2Fit; this is simply not a carseat which will work for an extremely small newborn. The harness was too much and there was an excessive amount of space around the hips and crotch. My doll, Romeo, is approximately how big is an 8-9 lbs. newborn and he fits well without your body support. In the rear-facing fit section, the instructions specifies that the harness height should be at or below the child’s shoulders.

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Cover/Maintenance/Ease of Use
The cover that shipped on my seat wasn’t easy and simple to remove. It had been attached in 4 places with tight elastics that had me saying some not-so-nice things and since that is a family group blog, there’s you don’t need to impress you with my understanding of sailor vocabulary (no offense to sailors intended!). Two of the elastics are attached beneath the extender. If you undo among those to lift the cover to expose the rear-facing belt path, it really is impossible to reattach if the extender is retracted. It really is practically impossible to reattach if the extender is extended at all. I don’t feel that over time a kid will work the hide in that location getting back in and out of your seat since it’s so tightly attached around the cup holders, nonetheless it is poor design. Additionally, there are 2 little elastic loops near the top of the torso section that are being used by Graco to carry marketing tags. You might try forever to hook those little suckers to something nevertheless they don’t go anywhere. It’s OK rather than a failure on your own part.

I also don’t like elastics because they’re hard to thread through microscopic holes or slits to add to hooks plus they don’t last greater than a single hot season within NEVADA. OK, so I’m evidently not really a fan of the logistical design of the cover, though I really do just like the look. I’m especially keen on the seafoam blue-ish “Spire” cover on the sample I was sent; it’s lovely, though all of the E2F covers are sharp-looking. A number of the covers are mesh in the seating area and my experience with mesh is that crumbs could be ground into those little holes rather than start to see the light of day again, so stick to the surface of the snacks. The cover could be washed in the washer on cold and air-dried.

The harness is one long length, nonetheless it includes a butterfly attachment in the centre beneath the child’s bum area, so there’s not really a probability of 1 side being longer compared to the other. It could be cleaned like any other: dip a washcloth in water and use a drop of mild soap (Dawn, Dreft) to completely clean it. Make sure you wipe off that soap with the wet washcloth and allow harness thoroughly dry. Set it completely sun if it still stinks. But . . . the harness is replaceable, so if it’s that nasty, buy a fresh one!

Graco has truly gone to a 1-harness-slot design on the no re-thread convertibles, which signifies that it will be more challenging to tighten and loosen the harness in lower “slot” positions for the reason that headrest is pushing onto it, triggering friction. As your son or daughter ages and taller, you will have less friction and it’ll be better to use.