Parents have already been buying 3-in-1 child car seats – rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster in a single – because the dawn of time, tempted by claims of “the last seat you’ll ever need!”, but rarely (if) includes a good 3-in-1 been available. I myself was sucked in by the claim when middle child was prepared to re-locate of her infant seat – and it had been so very bad that I replaced it within months.

So when I was asked to examine the CarseatBlog Recommended Graco Milestone All-in-1, which rear-faces, forward-faces, and becomes a high-back booster, I admit I was skeptical. Sure, Graco had nailed the combo seat with the introduction of the Nautilus about eight years back, but could they do the same for the 3-in-1 with the Milestone?

Compared to the more costly Graco 4Ever All-in-1, there are some variations to notice about the Milestone. The largest change is that the Milestone will not convert to a backless booster just like the 4Ever does. For the purchase price, the 4Ever also adds two additional recline positions and a better infant insert which should fit smaller newborns somewhat better (4Ever is rated right down to 4 lbs.) The 4Ever also contains a nicer bubble level indicator and two cup holders. For more information, please see our complete overview of the Graco 4Ever All-in-One.

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Milestone Specs and Features:

Rear-facing: 5-40 lbs. and top of head is 1″ below red adjuster handle
Forward-facing (with harness): 20-65 lbs and 49″ or less
High-back booster: 30-100 lbs. and 38-57″
No-rethread harness with 10 position headrest
Adjustable base with 4 recline positions (2 for rear-facing, 2 for forward-facing)
Steel reinforced frame
Energy-absorbing EPS foam
Premium push-on lower LATCH connectors (LATCH limit: Child weight of 42 lbs.)
Single cup holder
IIHS Best Bet in belt-positioning booster mode
Ten-year expiration date

Lowest harness height (with infant insert): 7″
Highest harness height: 18”
Tallest booster height: 18.75″
Internal rear-facing height: 27.5” (that’s one inch below the headrest adjustment lever of 28.5” )
Crotch buckle positions: 5″, 6.25″, 7.5″
Seating depth (interior): 13″
Deepest point on base: 15″
Internal seat width: 13″
Widest external seat width: 19″ (at wings and at armrests)
Widest point on base: 13.75” (at the center)
Narrowest point on base: 13.25” at back and 13.25″ at front
Does it surpass the “All-in-One” name? Continue reading to find out.

Installation/Fit to Vehicle

The Milestone is pretty simple to install, making this busy parent happy. (I was even in a position to switch the LATCH belt to the rear-facing position and install the seat in 5 minutes – when it had been practically dark out.) It installed nicely in rear-facing and forward-facing modes in my own 2005 Odyssey with the seat belt and with LATCH. The belt paths are evidently labeled and color-coded both on the seat and in the manual (blue for rear-facing, orange for forward-facing, green for booster). The LATCH and tether straps are simple to loosen if you want to, but stay secure otherwise. (I’ve an exceptionally hard time loosening a push-button style tether adjuster in the captain’s seats of my Odyssey, but with this tilt-style adjuster, it took a few moments.) The premium push-on LATCH connectors click right in.

LATCH Weight Limits – For kids over 45 lbs., install the Milestone with seat belt and tether.

Switching LATCH Connectors – Unlike a number of the other Graco convertibles (just like the MyRide and MySize/Size4Me/Headwise) that contain separate LATCH straps for the rear-facing and forward-facing beltpaths, the Milestone only has one, this means it requires to be manually switched between modes. The procedure isn’t complicated – it’s simply a matter of sliding it beneath the red bar from RF position to FF position – but two separate LATCH straps upon this model could have been nice.

Lockoff Device – This seat doesn’t have an integral lockoff device for installations with seat belt so it’s very vital that you know how your seat belt locks if you’re likely to install with seat belt rather than with LATCH connectors. Remember – once your son or daughter reaches 45 lbs. you need to discontinue using the low LATCH connectors and switch to a seat belt installation (plus tether) instead. All vehicles made after 1996 have seat belts that may lock in a way to carry a carseat tightly set up during routine driving. Most vehicles have switchable retractors however, many vehicles or specific seating positions have locking latchplates instead. It’s vital that you really know what your automobile has also to know how these features work before you install this carseat with a seat belt. See your vehicle’s owners manual for specific information how to set up a carseat in your automobile using the seat belt. When you have questions, please visit our forum and we’ll be pleased to help answer them.