Graco’s first multi-group carseat, the Graco Nautilus is an organization 1/2/3 option which has already bagged a Bronze in the 2010/2011 Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awards.

As an organization 1/2/3 carseat, the Graco Nautilus carseat would work from 9kg to 36kg, or roughly 9 months to 12 years. It’s simple to use and has five height positions enabling it to grow together with your child.

With safety features that include reinforced steel, energy absorbing foam and reinforced side impact protection to safeguard your child’s head, the Graco Nautilus carseat is secure in addition to durable. It will come in just one single colourway, Blackstone, and optional accessories add a rollershade and carseat undermat.

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When in Group 1 mode, you utilize the 5-point-harness – this I tested with my 2-year-old Esme, who weighs under 15kg. For children weighing 15kg or more you can take away the harness, and for all weighing 18kg and over you should utilize the Nautilus with only a seatbelt. I tried this aspect out with a friend’s 6-year-old daughter, Alexandra.

What we love
Installing the Nautilus is very simple. Graco calls it intuitive, and Perhaps it is, because of the red indications that is there for your eye to check out. All you have to accomplish is fasten the seat belt, passing it between your shell and the seat pad, remembering to pass the diagonal belt through the red plastic lock off.

Using the Nautilus without the 5-point harness with 6-year-old Alexandra is very simple. You fasten the seatbelt over your son or daughter, following red guides, and loop it through the red plastic shoulder guide. For a straight older child, you utilize the same configuration and just need to change the headrest.

I really like that my toddler Esme looks so very comfortable and developed in the Graco Nautilus. She’s positioned quite high and will see out from the windows easily, pleasing her no end.

Esme also loves the storage compartments where she’s homed some little dolls, and also the armrests, which increase that developed appeal. Interestingly, these don’t get too hot through the window with sunlight on them.

The cup holders certainly are a neat feature, specifically for an older child.

If there are any spills, the cover is machine washable.

What to look out for
Esme continues to be only 2 and frequently falls asleep while travelling. The recline option on the Nautilus is simple to facilitate by pulling on the red handle beneath the seat, but sadly it doesn’t may actually make a difference at all. I can’t even observe that it’s tilted. Last time Esme fell asleep in the Nautilus, her head was flopping about so much, she simply couldn’t enter a deep nap.

You may have to eliminate your vehicle’s headrest from the seat that the Nautilus sits on.

Among the straps on the 5-point safety harness keeps twisting in the frame of the clasp. Not this issue but I’m finding it slightly annoying.

Who’s the Graco Nautilus carseat best for?
Parents after an adaptable, easy-to-install carseat that’s safe and durable.

The protection made available from the Graco Nautilus brings valuable satisfaction when travelling, whilst the comfort factor means your son or daughter – whether baby or near teen – will feel relaxed. The only downside is that the recline option isn’t really a choice at all.