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It’s an unavoidable truth that, as child car seats get more secure and specialists advise that kids stay in them for longer, the seats increase.

Today, many persons battle to use a single carseat in a typical vehicle, discovering that they take up an unbelievable amount of room in the passenger compartment, and they’ll be used in the automobile for up to a decade. That is particularly challenging for families with multiple children, who have to install multiple car seat.

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The Graco SlimFit manages that. It’s made to be considered a long-lived convertible carseat with a smaller footprint, so that it is friendlier for multiple child car seats and growing families.

Who’s the Graco SlimFit THE MOST SUITABLE For?

The Graco SlimFit is a wonderful all-in-one for parents who drive smaller vehicles. It is the same size and weight of typical convertible child car seats, but with a high-backed booster mode that may protect children up to a decade, 57 inches, or until they are tall enough to use a grown-up seat belt.

But it’s not merely that the SlimFit can be an all-in-one that’s no taller or heavier than other convertibles. In addition, it has an progressive cup holder design which allows the integrated cupholders to simply rotate away, creating a slimmer profile that provides you more room in the trunk seat. It’s an all-in-one that may actually fit 3-across in lots of standard-sized vehicles.

The longevity and capability of an all-in-one with this slim design makes the Graco SlimFit a specific favorite for quickly growing families or multiple births. When parents expect twins or triplets, the SlimFit is a superb choice for long-term, high-quality protection it doesn’t take up an excessive amount of space.

Advantages and disadvantages of Graco Slim Fit
Single carseat comfortably protects children from 5-100 pounds
Dual rotating cupholders could be swiveled inward to save lots of space and make the automobile seat 10% narrower
Harness and headrest adapt simply with one hand no rethreading
InRight LATCH system has easy installation
Machine washable cover
Narrow enough to set up 3-across in lots of standard-sized vehicles
FAA approved
Regardless of the name, this carseat isn’t especially slim. It’s slim compared to various other all-in-ones, but there are narrower convertibles for parents who need especially compact seats.
Graco SlimFit Overview

The Graco SlimFit can be an all-in-one convertible carseat, that converts from rear-facing to forward-facing to a high-backed booster, protecting children from an unbelievable 5-100 pounds or up to a decade.

Child car seats with that sort of longevity tend to be particularly big and heavy, however the Graco SlimFit maintains a reasonably compact footprint. In addition, it has unique rotating cupholders that decrease the width of the automobile seat by 10%, providing you more room in the trunk seat for other child car seats or other passengers. It’s an all-in-one that may even fit three across in lots of vehicles.

What exactly are this model’s NHTSA ratings? All child car seats sold in america must meet or exceed strict federal safety and crash test standards, therefore the NHTSA will not rate child car seats for safety. Instead, they give ratings and evaluations for simplicity.

Based on the NHTSA, the Graco SlimFit has earned (for the forward-facing installation):

Labels: 3/5 stars for the reason that labels do not describe how exactly to use LATCH or the tether, and there isn’t any full picture of an adequately restrained child next to the sizing information on the label.
Instructions: 5/5 stars
Securing the kid: 5/5 stars
Installation features: 2/5 stars as the padding might need to be moved to be able to route the seat belt or LATCH attachments through the belt path, and interference can be done in the belt path, and the LATCH attachments have buttons to press for removal, and the storage places for LATCH and tether attachments aren’t apparent and could be overlooked.
Overall simplicity: 3/5 stars. The Graco SlimFit has NHTSA ratings of 4/5 stars each for the rear-facing and booster seat installation modes, for different reasons.
Does this model have:
Side impact protection? Yes
Energy-absorbing base? Energy absorbing foam
Metal frame? Plastic body, steel-reinforced frame
What’s this model’s child height limit?

Rear-facing: top of head at least 1 inch below handle
Forward-facing: 49 inches
Booster mode: 57 inches
What’s this model’s child weight limit?

Rear-facing: 5-40 pounds
Forward-facing: 22-65 pounds
Booster mode: 30-100 pounds
Does this model have the LATCH system? InRight LATCH system
Seat belt installation? Yes
Non-rethread harness system? Yes
What’s this model’s weight? 19.69 pounds
What’s this model’s width? 19.9 inches
Which kind of harness adjustment system does this model have? Five-point Simply Safe Adjust harness system
May be the seat cover machine-washable? Yes
What is the caliber of padding (overall)? N/A
What is the caliber of padding in the top area? N/A
May be the seat fabric breathable? N/A
Does this model include a child insert pillow? Yes