Much like Dyson brand vacuums, I had heard my fair share of iRobot hype before I commenced testing the Roomba 880. I even had visions of following in Tom Haverford’s footsteps and creating a “DJ Roomba” of my own, personal. Sadly, my dreams of channeling “Parks and Recreation” were dashed when I unboxed it and commenced testing instead. Fortunately, though, what I learned was a clever little robot vacuum that came in first or second place atlanta divorce attorneys single performance category.

Colin West McDonald/CNET
The Roomba 880 is a fresh model for iRobot and the 1st 800-series bot for the brand. At $699.99, it’ll replace the equally priced Roomba 790 that Katie Pilkington recently reviewed.

So what’s different? Initially, not a good deal. But, flip the vacuum over and you will see something totally new: AeroForce technology. I’ll get into that more later, but it’s basically a design and show upgrade that boosts performance a lot.

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Yes, I would suggest the Roomba 880 to anyone searching for a luxury-priced robot vac. It performed much better than the $699.99 Roomba 790, and far much better than the $799.99 LG Hom-Bot Square, in addition to the $349.99 Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5.

Overall, the 880 will be best for somebody who appreciates devices and realizes that a robot vacuum isn’t made to replace all the floor cleaning. In addition, it isn’t the best option for someone only considering vacuuming up pet hair. For that, the $449.99 Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro holds steady in the lead.

The 8.4-pound Roomba is a cute and capable robot vacuum. It includes a height of 3.6 inches and a width of 13.9 inches. It’s finished in black (unlike the 790’s blue finish), and includes a carrying handle and that means you can certainly transport it.

Stylistically, the 880 doesn’t stray too much from iRobot’s existing design. It gets the same rounded look, and that same large Clean/Power button in the centre. The company obviously wished to keep up with the Roomba’s unassuming, minimalist design and strong construction.

The iRobot Roomba 790 (left) and the brand new iRobot Roomba 880

Megan Wollerton/CNET
It includes a removable dust bin with an easy-access release button, left and right side wheels, a removable caster wheel in leading, debris extractors, and a spinning side brush. Apart from the vacuum itself, additionally you get yourself a Home Base, or dock, two Virtual Wall/Lighthouse sensors with four C batteries included, a supplementary HEPA filter, and a handy remote control with two AA batteries included.

Colin West McDonald/CNET
The most interesting feature offered on the Roomba 880 is iRobot’s newly designed AeroForce cleaning system. It offers two bristle-free extractors that rotate inward toward each other to speed airflow and increase suction. Gleam high-efficiency vacuum, and a fresh XLife battery that claims to last a lot longer.

The display at the top of the vacuum includes the next buttons: Dock, Clock, Schedule, and Spot. Hit the Dock button as well as your Roomba will go back to Home Base to charge. Select Clock and you will set your day, hour, and minute. Choose Schedule and you could program a particular cleaning routine for your Roomba to tackle weekly. And the initial Spot option targets small cleaning areas — it rotates outward 3 feet from its starting place and then returns back again to where it commenced to deep clean a specific section of floor.

Colin West McDonald/CNET
The 880 also offers various indicator lights to talk to you since it cleans or charges. Docked, the battery light will flash amber since it charges and it’ll maintain a good green color if it is fully charged. Solid red signifies that the battery is empty. A Dirt Detect feature senses debris and targets those areas for cleaning. A troubleshooting light can look if there’s a problem, and an antitangle light will display when the Roomba is wanting to untangle itself from something. A complete bin light tells you when the tray should be emptied.

Colin West McDonald/CNET
You can control those ideas on the Roomba, nevertheless, you may also initiate regular cleaning and spot cleaning from the remote, dock the Roomba, or steer it around using the arrow buttons. And if you wish to block off a specific room for cleaning, the Virtual Walls become invisible fences; the 880 won’t move forward from them. You additionally have the choice of turning your Virtual Walls into Lighthouses. Position them during your home as well as your Roomba can follow them around to completely clean room by room and make contact with Home Base without getting lost.