JBL’s Eon array has had a significant makeover, with all-brand-new cabinet and amplifier patterns, and the addition of Bluetooth remote control DSP control.

I’ve owned and managed a few the latest models of of JBL lightweight speakers over time and I’ve been happy with their effectiveness, reliability and affordability. The main one – and probably just – JBL product I’ve hardly ever been tempted by was the Eon selection, mainly for the reason that ergonomics of the cabinet didn’t do the job for my very own requirements. Despite lacking my own patronage, however, the many Eon models have already been a solid achievement for JBL since their launch, and I’ve probably run into extra of them in my own travels than any other lightweight powered speaker. The brand new Eon 600 series can be an completely new style, and I’m delighted that the most recent items to bear the brand have a far more straight-sided overall look that displays and complements different current JBL lightweight speakers. I borrowed a couple of the brand new Eon 612 speakers and put in a lttle bit of time learning them – but first, here’s an instant rundown of the version range and the key features.

The Eon 600 product line-up currently involves three self-powered, two-way speakers in 10-, 12- and 15-inch woofer formats, all incorporating Bluetooth technology to permit remote control wireless control of varied DSP parameters using an Android or iOS app. The amplifiers found in all the types have the same outcome power rating, thanks to a fresh Class-D amplifier stage with the capacity of providing 350W and 150W (constant) to the LF and HF motorists, respectively. The entire power bundle is described, quite effectively, as capable of making 1000W of peak ability, nevertheless the more meaningful physique may be the acoustic output score of 126dB SPL, which I’d guess is normally a real measurement instead of a calculated theoretical body (although the specification sheet doesn’t confirm this). The HF and LF motorists are all JBL systems, with the 2414H-1 one-inch compression driver becoming utilized as the HF transducer in every three versions.

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The two much bigger models – the Eon 612 and Eon 615 – are fitted with a particular LF waveguide with an asymmetrical shaped opening that partly covers the facial skin of the woofer and was created to provide control and regular dispersion of lower frequencies, in order that the LF/MF/HF balance is taken care of through the entire nominal coverage angle. My understanding can be that waveguide particularly influences and enhances the structure of frequencies at the high end of the woofer’s collection, specifically the range just underneath the crossover level, where much larger (12- and 15-inch) units have a tendency to turn into ‘beamy’ with consequent insurance policy coverage issues.

The speakers are housed in moulded polypropylene cabinets with an attractive black finish and integral steel full-face grille, and incorporate generously proportioned and comfortable handles at the top, bottom and both sides – even the tiniest model, the 610, has handles on all sides. The enclosures are made to permit the Eons to are floor monitors together with primary PA speakers, and also have an angled surface area on either side, to allow them to be create with the HF waveguide left or the proper. Rubber feet will be recessed into the bottom level of the cabinet and so are made to dock with designed recesses at the top surface for convenient and protect stacking during safe-keeping or transport.

Further rubber feet are moulded in to the side handles, for when the speaker is employed in its side. They work very well, and not just cushion the machine against handling shock but work at stopping ‘screen slide’. The handles happen to be well put and well-designed, so that it is simple to lift, carry and location the speakers – actually getting them through to stands or poles is easy, and I came across that the top/bottom level handles were put precisely proper for me personally and my hands. They have a tiny clamp screw to preserve them set up once mounted, but it’s a shame that there surely is no substitute for mount them at a downward firing position, which is certainly something I have a tendency to favour in most tiny venues. I like the inclusion of a black, acoustically transparent cloth behind the steel grille; this increases the overall classy overall look and provides extra coverage from liquids, particles, insects and so on.

The brand new Eons are pretty light and simple to take care of, weighing in at 11.8, 15 and 17.7 kg for the 10-, 12- and 15-inch variants respectively.