For a far more in-depth look at everything Just Cause 3 does right if it is running well, please have a look at my Just Cause 3 PC review. Unfortunately, the console versions simply don’t give it an opportunity to shine. When the spectacular fireworks and hilarious, delightfully destructive chaos start, the frame rate often drops well below 30 fps. So when the frame rate drops, it’s much harder to defy death as you’re piloting among the many helicopters, jets, or cars, or stay static in the air when you’re using the fun but touchy wingsuit. When you die, you’re put through loading times that may last 90 seconds or even more.

I came across myself afraid of another stint for the reason that load-screen penalty box

After a couple of hours of that, I came across myself afraid of another stint for the reason that load-screen penalty box. I commenced playing conservatively, avoiding crazy stunts that want precise timing or triggering massive explosions in heat of battle. So when you’re playing conservatively, Just Cause 3 gets boring and frustrating quickly. The duty of liberating a large number of towns and capturing military bases by blowing up anything with red onto it, knocking over statues, and overtaking fortified police stations is pretty repetitive even though it’s at its best, and if you’re unable to exercise your imagination in this sandbox by doing crazy moves, like making use of your grapple to fling explosive barrels at enemies or crash helicopters into what to keep it interesting, it’s a fairly dull third-person shooter. Enemies this dumb aren’t much fun to fight in conventional ways.

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Likewise, the effectiveness of its enormous open world is undermined by start-up loading times that may brush against four minutes. So when it crashes you every so often, you can repeat that. And the stunning vistas don’t look as beautiful when they’re smeared by low-frame rate motion blur. The issues appear a lttle bit worse on the Xbox One compared to the PlayStation 4, but they’re both pretty bad.
At its best, Just Cause 3’s over-the-top action and physics-based mayhem has me laughing aloud on the standard. It’s a damn shame so many performance problems and punishing load times keep cropping up, because I really like what Just Cause 3 does. But also for game that’s so heavily reliant on action to perform this poorly is no joke.