The Packaging
That is my first ever Force FX lightsaber. In all honesty, I didn’t really know what to anticipate. I knew that it is going to be a huge and heavy saber, however when I opened it, saw it for the very first time. I was surprised. It had been HUGE. Very huge. And in addition heavy. But first, let’s start to see the box of the awesome lightsaber! The box is quite cool. I love the Black Series design, the black and red looks cool. And specifically for Kylo figures, and because of this lightsaber, the black and red looks very good. The box is quite big. I would recommend to keep carefully the box, because if anything happens to the saber, you may easily deliver it to any shops, and since it looks very cool. You also got a “holder” or how could it be called. It looks cool, and you will store the saber onto it. You can put it to use in 2 ways.


The hilt is completely amazing. It’s super detailed, as well as the paint rocks !. The hilt is manufactured by metal, so it is actually pretty heavy. The hilt is approximately 30~ centimeters. It’s the most detailed star wars stuff I’ve ever seen. The ignition button isn’t the gold circle button, like on any other Kylo Ren Lightsaber, it’s a activate the top, which is preferable to the other version. The painting is amazing, I love the “battle damage” on the hilt, it creates it feel like a genuine saber. Also the red wire is manufactured by a genuine wire, which is really very cool.

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The real hilt

Blade, Sound, Light

The blade is quite very cool. But it is also huge. It’s 80 centimeters. The sound is really very good, and realistic, I really like the ignition sound. The light of additionally it is very great. In a dark place, it’s absolutely bright, but also in a bright stick it looks cool. The result of the blade is great. I mean, in the event that you do spins with the saber, the result of the saber is great. Also when you ignite the saber, it looks cool. I really like the vibration of the light, it looks more realistic. The humming noise can be cool, it’s absolutely appears like the real

Overall Rating

Overall the Force FX Kylo Ren Lightsaber can be an amazing saber. It is important to understand that you can’t duel with it. That can be done spins with it, nevertheless, you shouldn’t duel with it, since it will damage the LED. It’s somewhat difficult to accomplish spins for the very first time, because as I said earlier, the saber is heavy, but if you train, then you can certainly do spins easily. In the event that you gather lightsabers, I would recommend you that one, but also if you value Kylo’s lightsaber, and you will want realistic version, I also recommend it. I purchased it on A1 toys for 146£ (the saber was 125£ +21£ for shipping) The hilt is amazing, and the materials used for this are also very great. I really like the blade, as well as the packaging is quite cool. So it is a 10/10 for me personally.

And lastly, a comparison with the Blade Builders version

I acquired the Blade Builders version 24 months ago for Christmas. I absolutely love that lightsaber, and I still think it’s great. It’s created by plastic, and it’s really not that detailed as the Force FX one, but it’s designed for dueling. So if you wish a cool Kylo Ren Lightsaber, which is cheap, and you could duel with it, I would recommend this version. It isn’t that bright, however the sound is pretty similar, especially the ignition sound. As I said earlier, the ignition button is a gold button, but in all honesty, I have no idea which may be the real igniton button. There’s an enormous difference between your two Sabers, the hilt, the blade, the sound, the brightness the size and the weight are incredibly different. However the Blade Builders version continues to be a cool one, it’s absolutely fun, but if you wish a genuine (or at least an almost real) saber, you certainly have to choose the Force FX saber. Here are several pictures of the Blade Builders version.

Thanks for reading, I am hoping you enyoed this review. Assuming you have these lightsabers, or any Kylo saber, feel absolve to share your judgment about any of it. And as always