I acquired my body-only as of this link to every one of them at Adorama; listed below are also all of the variations at Amazon and all of the variations at B&H.

Nikon will not seal its boxes, so never buy at retail or any source not on my personally approved list since you should have no chance of knowing if you are missing accessories, obtaining a defective, damaged or used camera, a person return or if the warrantee was already registered online to another person! The approved sources I take advantage of ship from secure, remote automated warehouses where salespeople or some other clients never, ever reach touch your camera, plus they have the very best prices, selection, service and return policies.

I really like my Nikon D5500 since it weighs next to nothing, produces the same big-camera results I get with my full-frame DSLRs like my D810 – even at high ISOs (sorry, Nikon) – and is very fast and simple to use using its new touch screen.

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This is actually the first and only touchscreen ever in a Nikon DSLR, and it’s really a significant step of progress in speed and usability. I could set a lot of things with an individual tap which used to take several button pushes clicking-around a screen with an impression controller.

Not merely does one tap select among numerous options or zoom and scroll playback, I could flick along in menus to see all of the options. It’s a genuine touch screen as an iPhone; it looks great and works great with the softest touch and instant response.

With its touchscreen, my D5500 suddenly makes all my older DSLRs like my D810 feel just like 1970s PCs prior to the mouse was invented. No more do I have to click up/down/left/right a zillion times to get someplace on the screen; with my D5500, one tap and I’m done.

The touchscreen is an enormous advance; the D5000 series used to be much slower to take care of compared to the D7000 series because it lacks direct-entry buttons, but today, my D5500 handles as fast as the D7000 series – and faster than my D810!

Live View and a flippy screen lets me shoot photographs and videos while held from my head.

In comparison to pro cameras I often haul, the D5500 is a dream to transport, so when I’m more relaxed, I make smarter pictures. If you good lenses, the image quality may be the same!

The D5500 weighs drastically significantly less than the old D5300, and its own touchscreen lets it handle doubly fast. I never liked the D5xxx and D3xxx series for serious daily use since way too many things were in menus, however now with the touchscreen, they handle as fast as my pro Nikons because the pro Nikons remain burdened with only 1 up/down/left/right control to attempt to navigate their menus.

The D5500 has higher resolution compared to the $6,500 Nikon D4s, and its own pictures are otherwise the same – and the D4s does not have any swivel screen or touch controls! The D5500’s shutter is a lot quieter compared to the D4s; you can shoot the D5500 in places where in fact the loud D4s shutter would get you trashed. The AF regions of the D5500 also fill more of its frame than they do in the D4s, too.

The only reason to pay more (and lug more) compared to the D5500 is in the event that you subject your camera to daily physical and environmental abuse. The D5500 is a flyweight camera that i love, but in the event that you regularly get splashed by motorcycles or shoot in sandstorms you may want something tougher. I don’t; I’ll take lighter weight any day.

The D5500 has its exposure modes on a huge dial at the top, while pro models handle more slowly because they demand you possess a button and spin a knob to accomplish the same thing.

In the event that you just want great photographs easily or want a super-lightweight high-performance camera, the D5500 can not be beat.


Superb image quality; ultra sharp, great highlights, shadows and color and great performance at hyper ISOs.

Excellent built-in flash.

Ultra light weight.

Superb touchscreen and interface design for effortless handling.

Fast and competent autofocus.


No diagonal scroll on playback from the thumb controller (up/down/left/right only), but just what exactly: use the touchscreen and you could scroll in any manner you want – and zoom instantly.

No on / off switch lock to safeguard against accidental turning on of off, but no other Nikon does that today either. Nikon stopped doing that with the F5.

USA Nikon D5500 box end. bigger.

In the USA, be certain your box has “US” after “D5500” and the colour code (“BK” upon this black one) above the UPC bar code on the low left.

If the letters will vary, you got cheated with a gray market version from a different country. That is why I never buy anyplace apart from from my personally approved sources. You merely can’t take the opportunity of shopping for elsewhere, especially at retail, because non-USA versions haven’t any guarantee in america, and you will not even be capable of geting new firmware or service for this – regardless if you’re ready to pay out-of-pocket for this when it’s needed!

Always make sure to check on your box when you can still return it, or maybe don’t obtain unapproved sources, so you can have your camera serviced and get free updated firmware as needed.