When friends or family group ask me if indeed they should get yourself a point-and-shoot or perhaps if their smartphone is sufficient, my answer basically boils down to whether they desire a camcorder with a superzoom zoom lens or need the one that is rugged. (Display quality isn’t really a concern any longer because the latest smartphones happen to be on par with the common point-and-shoot. If you would like better pictures, intensify to a large-sensor advanced small or a dSLR or mirrorless interchangeable zoom lens camera.)

The Panasonic Lumix FZ300 is probably the simply cameras available that may turn that “or” into an “and.” Commonly, if you wish a rugged camera, the one which can really take care of drops and is certainly waterproof, it won’t employ a long zoom zoom lens. The contrary is also authentic: If you prefer a large amount of zoom, you’re certainly not going to discover one that’s really rugged. The FZ300, however, includes a exceptional 24x f2.8 25-600mm zoom lens and can be splashproof and dustproof.

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The camera, which sells for approximately $500 in america, AU$680 in Australia and £440 in the united kingdom (where it’s called the FZ330), also offers such a complete feature set that it is perfect if you wish something among a point-and-shoot and an electronic SLR-like experience. Since it runs on the 1/2.3-inch type sensor, though, (a size typically within point-and-shoots and advanced smartphones) its picture top quality doesn’t compare to an electronic SLR or a large-sensor advanced small, including Panasonic’s individual FZ1000. Shedding some image quality is certainly part of the selling price you pay to find the 35mm exact carbon copy of an f2.8 600mm zoom lens in a relatively small and affordable bundle. A dSLR zoom lens with those specs will be huge and expense thousands.

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Merely to clarify why this zoom lens is so good, the challenge with virtually all superzoom cameras is that to keep the purchase price and size of the camera tiny, the lenses have little apertures. Without getting also bogged down in specifics, a tiny aperture lets in fewer light, and fewer light can bring about motion blur and/or delicate and noisy photographs and movies. So when you zoom, the obtainable maximum aperture gets possibly smaller letting in actually less light.

With the FZ300’s capacity to stay at f2.8 throughout its zoom array, you don’t have to be shooting completely sun or which consists of bigger ISO settings to have a good shot. Actually, during shooting in combined daylight conditions, the surveillance camera seldom went above ISO 400.

That’s a positive thing, too, for the reason that JPEGs right from the camera certainly are a little on the soft area, particularly if you head in this article ISO 400. My suggestion will be shoot in raw or raw plus JPEG. Panasonic is normally a little major on the noise lowering at higher ISO configurations and by capturing in raw you can control the total amount between detail and noises.

The picture above is an effective exemplory case of what I’m discussing. The JPEG’s fine facts have already been smeared out of living while the raw graphic I processed in in regards to a minute with Adobe Camcorder Raw has far better detail if a bit more noise. (You can view and download full-size variants of these photographs and extra in the gallery below.)

The camera’s JPEGs might use some post-sharpening with editing software generally, but are certainly usable at smaller sized sizes at and above ISO 800, and the FZ300’s Wi-Fi enables you to easily hook up to an iOS or Android device and use Panasonic’s iphone app to transfer pictures and upload them to the selection of social networks for revealing to your followers. The iphone app can be used to totally control the surveillance camera remotely.