Suddenly, 360-degree content may be the rage – or, in least, that’s what YouTube, Facebook, and a couple of camera makers want you to believe. These video cameras can shoot a spherical (or practically spherical) panoramic image – in a single shot – and so are being influenced to the forefront by the progress in virtual certainty. Ricoh has been producing its Theta-series of 360-degree video cameras for quite a while, but its latest Theta S may be the most refined but. Image resolution has improved, and it right now supports Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) video take. Despite its simplicity and simplicity, you may still find some early-gen shortcomings. But, for a consumer device, it’s the virtually all fun we’ve acquired from such a camera.

Features and design
Jim Malcolm, president of Ricoh in the Americas, told Digital Developments that for a camera such as this to win buyers, it must be simple to work with, and it doesn’t get simpler compared to the Theta S. Imagine retaining a TV handy remote control in your side. That’s essentially what it feels as though in your palm, and it even appears like one also. Measuring 1.7-inches wide, 5.1-inches high, and 1-inch deep, the Theta S isn’t any larger than a good smartphone and it fits comfortably generally in most clothing pockets.

Along one side are buttons for power, wireless, and photo/video (capturing mode). Turning on the cellular lets you match it with the Theta mobile phone programs for iOS or Google android; leave it away to save electricity. The Theta S can shoot 14-megapixel photographs or Full HD movies, and pressing the image/video press button switches between your two.

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The other physical control may be the shutter button. Pressing it once will snap a 360-degree photography or start documenting video; to avoid, just press it once again. Again, that’s as convenient since it gets. (The surveillance camera offers some more capabilities through the app, which we will discuss in the future.) There’s no LCD, but there are two position lamps indicate what the surveillance camera does and what setting it’s in, respectively.

In the bottom is a Micro USB slot for charging and data transfer to a computer, Micro HDMI interface for mirroring content on a display, and tripod mount. At the very top will be the built-in microphone and loudspeaker (for the beeps it creates).

The Theta S is Ricoh’s fourth version of the Theta-series, but it’s a really new beginning.

The main feature may be the two cameras, one on either side. Both have an f/2 aperture zoom lens, and a 12-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor (equal to a simple pocket camera). When you press the shutter option, the two cameras concurrently shoot the 360-level image or video (180 degrees from each video camera, which are after that stitched in-camera). The inner 8GB battery can store up to at least one 1,600 photographs at 5,376 x 2,688 (or 9,000 if you scale it right down to 2,048 x 1,024), or up to 65 a few minutes (total) for video; there is absolutely no way to extend safe-keeping. We wish Ricoh got opted for higher-capacity storage space; the files are large, particularly video tutorial, and you will quickly go out of area if you’re capturing all day.

The Theta S is Ricoh’s fourth version of the Theta-series, but it’s a really fresh beginning. With the prior Theta cams, Ricoh was tests the waters – to find if there could possibly be a client demand. With the 360 camera market growing (because of the push from digital reality) and assist from the market (Facebook, YouTube, and Google Street View are a number of the major solutions that support content made up of the Theta), the Theta S is Ricoh’s legitimate attempt to have this space. When compared to previous Theta M15, which continues to be on the market, the Theta S provides two larger-sensor cams and improved image and video take, while retaining the simplicity.

The battery lifestyle is rated for 260 photos.

What’s included
Aside from the camera, Ricoh carries a soft circumstance, Micro USB wire, and printed quick-start courses. Software could be downloaded from the Theta site and iTunes App Retail outlet or Google Play.

Performance and use
At its simplest, the Theta S is a no-brainer to use. Transform it on, select a shooting function, and press the shutter press button. Although you are capturing blindly, it’s capturing a 360-degree panorama, thus you’re getting practically everything in a single shot (there is absolutely no single-camera mode, which means you can’t make utilization of it as a “regular” camcorder, nevertheless, you can crop the photograph in post-editing). The surveillance camera is swift and responsive, nonetheless it can get sizzling hot if it’s kept on for an extended period of period. There’s no wrong method to carry the camera, even so, it’s greatest keep it upright; in any other case it impacts the way the impression rotates when you notice. One thing to notice is that as the Theta S captures a completely spherical view, the area of the image where in fact the camera will be in your palm may look just a little weird.