Our Verdict
There are more refined and intuitive robot floor cleaners around, but none provide quite the same blend of features and performance at such a competitive price as the Roborock S6. It’s arguably the best-value robot vacuum on the market.

-Very good value
-Effective mapping and navigation
-Full suite of features
-Basic smarthome app
-Clunky mapping software
-Mopping features don’t add much
In the burgeoning robot vacuum market, Roborock doesn’t yet have the brand pull of other models in the area, just like the iRobot Roomba or Neato Botvac D7. But if Roborock keeps releasing automated cleaners as accomplished and fully featured as the Roborock S6, and increases its software game, it soon will be.

The Roborock S6 boasts incredible suction, sharp laser-guided navigation, a complete suite of features, and powerful home mapping capabilities. It’ll even mop your hard floors for you personally – and all for a good amount less overall than its high-end rivals.

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Last updated on May 18, 2022 6:37 am

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Price and availability
The Roborock S6 happens to be obtainable in Spain, Germany and France at a cost of €549, while US buyers can pick one up for $650. It isn’t officially obtainable in the UK during writing, though we’ve seen some trusted online retailers (like eBay) selling it for about the £500 mark.

Whatever the ultimate price, it’s likely to be drastically cheaper than functionally comparable robot floor cleaners just like the Dyson 360 Eye and the iRobot 980, both which retail for about £800.

Design and build
Roborock has stuck with the same basic design template that informed the Roborock S5. That is another low-slung, circular robot that may start a sixpence by making use of its two centrally put main wheels.

The stand-out external feature of the S6, apart from its glossy white finish, is just a little turret mounted at the top. This houses a red spinning laser that, as well as a range of 14 sensors, permits the S6 to navigate and map its environment.

The trunk two thirds of the S6’s top surface flips up such as a lid to discover a removable 480ml capacity bin and filter cleaning tool. As the former isn’t as elegant a remedy as that of the Miele RX2 or the Dyson 360 Eye, it’s correctly intuitive and usable.

Flipping the Roborock S6 over reveals a wave-like spinning brush mounted centrally between its two rugged wheels, which really helps to make certain that most particles find their way into its maw.

(Image credit: Jon Mundy / TechRadar)
The charging station is a reasonably compact plastic dock. Manually mounting the S6 upon this dock is in an easier way than with a lot of its rivals (we’re looking at you Dyson), because of a deep groove that cups the unit’s small front wheel and produces a snug fit. We do wish the energy lead was somewhat longer though.

One notable extra this is actually the provision of a clip-on plastic base, that your Roborock S6 physically sits on. That is a nod to the bonus floor mopping function, with the theory being that you retain the potentially damp underside of the robot vacuum off the ground while charging.

(Image credit: Jon Mundy / TechRadar)
Cleaning performance
The Roborock S6 can be an impressively powerful and flexible vacuum with four distinct power settings. By default it begins on the second-lowest of the settings – called Balanced – nevertheless, you can set it to automatically find when it’s on carpet and raise the suction accordingly.

At the best MAX setting, you may expect an extraordinary 2000pa of suction. That’s Dyson 360 Eye territory there.

We found the Roborock S6 to become a comprehensive cleaner, accessing every area using its zig-zagging movement pattern and weighty plastic side brush. It doesn’t loaf around, either. We discovered that a complete tell you a spacious two-bedroom flat would take the S6 around 45 minutes to complete, while sending it off to tackle individual rooms would take around ten minutes instead.

(Image credit: Jon Mundy / TechRadar)
The S6’s large 5200mAH battery is wonderful for three solid hours of cleaning in the cheapest Quiet mode, as the regular Balanced mode is wonderful for around two hours. We suspect this gives many people a lot of overall flexibility for an impromptu whip around or spot clean beyond scheduled cleans, even soon after it’s finished a run.

It’s relatively rare a product will improve through the relatively brief time we spend with it for a test, but that’s just what happened with the Roborock S6. Our two biggest initial gripes with the machine were fixed before our very eyes.

Inside our initial runs with the Roborock S6, its rubbery side brush appeared to have a problem with the long fibres on our carpet. Instead of stop this non-essential component from spinning, the S6 would come to a complete halt with an accompanying error message.