But wow, it demands a whole lot of your money. The Roomba i7+ sometimes costs a lot more than our favorite washer. Even though sky-high cost, the Roomba i7+ isn’t a significant magic machine. It could still get stuck on socks or charging cables like nearly every other bot. The self-emptying dock is loud. And the flashy new nav system seemed just a little buggy inside our testing.

Personally though, easily had a pile of money to experiment with, I’d totally choose the Roomba i7+ before any other vacuum-robot, cordless, plug-in, whatever. The self-emptying feature and targeted cleaning options mark a fresh high point for low-effort cleaning.

The very best robot vac money can purchase
With a distinctive self-emptying dust bin and the rare capability to clean specific rooms on command, this Roomba may be the easiest to make use of any robot vacuum. But it’s not flawless, and you don’t need to pay such a higher price to have a satisfying robot vac.

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An instant note: The Roomba i7 may be the name of some of the robot (that you can buy alone, if you wish). The Roomba i7+ may be the name of the package which includes the Roomba i7 in addition to the dock that permits the self-emptying feature, called Clean Base (also available for purchase separately). An added minor difference: The dustbin on the standalone Roomba i7 includes a slightly larger capacity since it doesn’t have the trap door that works together with the Clean Base. If you buy a standalone Clean Base, the compatible dustbin is roofed (and it only fits in to the i7, so no, you can’t modify another Roomba to utilize the Clean Base).

We’re reviewing the deal here, but if you’re interested in only the Roomba i7, you can just ignore everything about the self-emptying feature and the others still applies.

Who should understand this
If you’ve got the money to invest and want a good robot vacuum, your very best choice could be the Roomba i7+. It’ll be particularly worthwhile in a huge home with plenty of hairy pets. We’ve heard from some readers who find that their robots’ dustbins often get totally stuffed up with dog hair (and should be emptied) a long time before the bot can clean the complete house. That’s no problem with the i7+ since it heads back again to the dock when it’s full-the dock sucks the debris out of your bin and the bot accumulates where it left off. And you could totally utilize the Roomba i7+ in a smaller house with fewer pets: Most of its fancy features still work in tighter, less-hairy spaces.

The Roomba i7+ isn’t a flawless product, and you don’t need to spend anywhere near this much money to have a robot vacuum which will make your daily life at least just a little easier. So we’d recommend anyone considering this first consider other options. We tested robots of most prices inside our full guide to the category, and we compare the i7+ to other high-end, feature-rich opponents later in the following paragraphs.

The good stuff:

It can empty its dustbin
The Roomba i7+ is probably the the only robot vacuum systems that may empty its dustbin. The 19-inch-tall Clean Base is both a charging dock and vacuum pressure for your robot vacuum. Whenever the Roomba i7 returns to the dock, the Clean Base sucks the debris out of your bot’s bin through a trap door and right into a disposable vacuum bag.

It certainly works: In per month of testing, I haven’t emptied the i7’s dust bin yourself. Whenever I consider the bin after it’s been auto-emptied, it’s always empty aside from a light coating of dust and perhaps a few stray hairs pinched in the rubber gasket.

The self-emptying bin can be an order of magnitude far more convenient compared to the typical daily bot-vac maintenance routine: bending over, taking out the bin, walking it to the trash can, shaking it out, cursing the dust that floated on your clothes, wondering should you finally replace the filter, and putting it back. With the i7+, you don’t need to think about some of that until the iphone app tells you to take action.

According to iRobot, the bag is big enough to carry 30 full bins’ worth of debris before you have to replace it, that could take provided that a couple of months to fill, or less than a few weeks (that mostly will depend on how much hair it requires to get). After per month of testing in a residence with one long-haired cat, one long-haired person, and two short-haired people, my bag was maybe 40 percent full. A three-pack of replacement bags costs $16 by enough time of writing, but we’d not be surprised to see cheaper knockoffs appear on Amazon at some time.