The Shark Navigator DLX (model NV70) is a reasonably economical bagless upright vacuum. It does not have a large amount of bells and whistles nonetheless it has a HEPA filter, a sealed system, and a sizable dust canister. Owners also report that the NV70 has powerful suction and is pretty easy and inexpensive to maintain. However, the energy cord and wand are somewhat short and the cleaner head is quite narrow. The vacuum color is gold, or what Shark identifies as “champagne”.

Consumer Ratings
Many owner ratings for the NV70 are available on a bunch of popular online shops and we’ve compiled them in the table below. In every we found some 2386 ratings so when a weighted average was applied it led to a standard score for the vacuum of 90.2 out of 100 (or around 4.5 stars out of 5). That is an excellent score. You can compare this to the score or other upright vacuums inside our Upright Vacuum Ratings table, or you might desire to view ratings for all your vacuums on our site in the VACUUM Finder.


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A thorough overview of owner comments has provided the next set of vacuum advantages and disadvantages.


  • Large dust canister
  • Easy-to-empty dust canister
  • Strong suction
  • Simple maintenance
  • Effective on pet hair
  • Capable on carpet and bare floors
  • Has suction release vent (to lessen suction)
  • Has brushroll on/off controls
  • Lifetime belt


  • Short wand
  • Hose uses compression fit to add to vacuum
  • Some feel it really is a little heavy
  • Edge cleaning is weak
  • Narrow cleaner head
  • Shortish power cord

One of the most frequent statements about the NV70 is that it has very powerful suction. People seem to be surprised at just just how much suction the machine generates. Consequently, pickup on carpet and bare floors is normally quite good. Owners also highlight that the vacuum performs admirably on pet hair.

Movement is both bad and the good. Some folks aren’t pleased with the weight of the vacuum and report that it feels bulky and awkward as a result of weight. However additionally, there are quite a few persons who just like the maneuverability of the device highlighting how easy it really is to steer the cleaner head around furniture as a result of the swivel steering.

Owners just like the maintenance facet of the NV70. The filters can all be rinsed in water, the belt lasts the duration of the vacuum, and there are no bags to get. The dust canister can be reportedly very simple to detach, empty, and reattach. All-in-all it really is fairly economical to use.

Some folks just like the narrow cleaning head while some usually do not. The narrow cleaner head can be an asset when vacuuming in tight, cramped areas however, many persons report needing to return back and forth often to cover a location.

Essentially the most frustrating issue for NV70 owners may be the short wand. In a standing position the wand won’t reach the ground. Many persons believe that it is way too short to fit the bill. The hose itself is fairly long but can often be difficult to loosen up and this can cause pulling the vacuum over with all the hose/wand.

Another issue owners have with the hose is that it doesn’t lock into place where it really is mounted on the vacuum. The hose is linked to the vacuum using compression fit – so that it should be pushed on, and occasionally folks find that it falls off while they are vacuuming.

Additionally, there are comments in regards to a shortish cord, somewhat weak edge cleaning capabilities, and disappointment at it having no headlights.

What the NV70 Doesn’t Have
Shark vacuum cleaners are popular for several reasons, among which is their innovations. Popular innovations/features that the NV70 doesn’t have include:

This technology permits you to “lift-away” the dust canister motor assembly of the vacuum and make it in one hand with all the hose/wand/tools in the other. That is an excellent feature and permits an even of handheld cleaning despite having an upright vacuum. Some popular Lift Away vacuums include:

This technology uses 2 brushrolls in the vacuum head. There exists a soft roller at the front of the cleaner head and a far more traditional bristled brushroll in the center of the cleaner head. This configuration provides cleaning right up to leading of the cleaner head, it permits the cleaner check out grab larger sized debris, looked after “polishes” hard flooring (often removing stuck-on dust). That is present on many Shark vacuums such:

Zero-M Technology is rather recent and it runs on the special brushroll and comb arrangement to avoid hair from tangling in the brushroll. That is especially useful in households with pets. Examples with this technology include:

Bagless Technology
The NV70 is a bagless vacuum that uses cyclonic technology. That is the most frequent technology found in bagless vacuums today and it involves rapidly spinning incoming air in a cyclone in a way that dust/debris are trashed and in to the dust canister (pretty much). This process typically helps maintain your filters cleaner and in addition doesn’t bring about reduced suction as time passes (as occurs when filling the bag of a bagged vacuum).

The NV70 includes something Shark call “Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology”. This implies that the vacuum includes both a HEPA filter and a sealed system. A HEPA filter is with the capacity of removing very, really small particles from the air. It’ll actually take away the likes of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke, etc. That is all perfectly and good, yet, in many vacuums the air can bypass this filter or it could even leak out of poor seals or cracks in the vacuum body before even achieving the filter. Shark solves this issue by coupling the filter with something called a sealed system. A sealed system is accurately what it appears like – no unfiltered air leaks out. All air must feel the filter and only filtered air is exhausted from the device.

There are three filters to keep on the NV70. Two pre-motor filters and one post-motor filter (the HEPA filter). Both pre-motor filters are available slightly below the dust canister. Among these is foam and the other is felt. Both could be rinsed in hot water and Shark suggests doing this about one time per month. If they are completely dry (about 24 hrs) they may be positioned back the vacuum.