Sniper Elite 4 may be the latest installment in Rebellion’s cult stealth series, which rose to fame because of its impressive sniping mechanics, satisfying bullet-time kill cams, and open locations.

Sniper Elite III launched on Xbox One back 2014, taking its winning formula to the deserts of World War 2 (WW2) Africa. Although it provided a satisfying, action-packed stealth-’em-up that was a lot more than worth the cost of admission, it had been rough around the edges, to state the least.

Rebellion isn’t rocking Grand Theft Auto-sized budgets or Assassin’s Creed-sized dev teams, but also for what they lack in brute force, they constitute in pure passion, and it permeates every part of Sniper Elite 4. Rebellion has perfected Sniper Elite’s formula using its fourth edition, bringing the great features you may expect of an enormous “AAA-style” franchise for the very first time.

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Sniper Elite 4: In brief
Sniper Elite 4 is a slick and satisfying stealth shooter that fans of the franchise will like. Rebellion spent some time working hard to inject flair and polish that previously eluded the series, elevating the knowledge. Dynamic lighting and crisp 1080p visuals complement huge maps filled with exploration opportunities and environmental detail. They certainly are a pleasure not merely to traverse but also to accomplish battle in.

Sniper Elite 4’s signature gunplay is back, and it’s really much better than ever. Never will a bullet clip a low profile wall or poorly conceived hitbox, every bullet from Karl Fairburne’s rifle will see its mark, offering you aim correctly.

Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t revolutionize its gameplay systems. Instead, it builds after what worked in previous titles while throwing the player new features and toys, including x-ray kill cams for explosions and stealth melee kills. I would’ve liked to have observed Rebellion stray a bit from the safety of Sniper Elite’s formula, but that certainly doesn’t detract from the knowledge as a whole. That is a must-buy for fans of the genre – few stealth games are this satisfying.

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Fight them on the beaches
Visuals, setting and story
As a fan of Sniper Elite 3, I could say confidently that Sniper Elite 4 ticks all of the right boxes a sequel should, at least in the look department.

Sniper Elite 4 occurs following the events of the prior game, as Karl Fairburne takes the war to fascist WW2 Italy. On the way, he’ll link up with the neighborhood resistance movement, and work to destabilize Mussolini’s harsh regime. Additionally, Fairburne is attempting to avoid the Nazis from deploying technological prototypes that could provide them with an advantage in the desperate war.

Without giving an excessive amount of away, the campaign in Sniper Elite 4 is an enormous jump in quality from Sniper Elite 3, both regarding performance and depth. Karl Fairburne breaks out of his shell a bit between missions, with opportunities to speak to supporting characters to get optional missions and other information.

Sniper Elite 4 is an enormous jump in quality from Sniper Elite 3, both regarding performance and depth.

He’s still just a little one-dimensional, however. It could have already been nice to see Karl’s personality evolve just as B.J. Blazkowics grew in 2014’s Wolfenstein: THE BRAND NEW Order.

A whole lot of Karl’s dialogue is delivered by internal monolog, and he continues to portray the unwavering ’80s action hero with emotionless stoicism and impenetrable professionalism. I believe future Sniper Elite games could afford to plunge deeper in to the depravity of WW2 and deliver something a bit more real or explore Karl Fairburne’s personality in greater detail, but perhaps it wouldn’t easily fit into a game which allows you to snipe people’s testicles in slow motion. Sniper Elite 4 isn’t here to get too political, nonetheless it does inject a human aspect into its setting, that is a little refreshing.

Sniper Elite 4’s levels are scattered with collectible letters and other correspondence that offer some insight in to the motivations of the evil forces Karl must eliminate. Nazism was fascist, however, not all Germans were Nazis, rather than all Italians supported Mussolini.

Sniper Elite 4 makes this aspect poignantly through the mundane banter between its non-player character (NPC) cannon fodder, furthermore to those letters, and intelligence reports you obtain when you tag enemies together with your binoculars. Reading an NPC Nazi was forced to become listed on the army against his will might just give you pause if you are considering choosing that testicle shot.

Talking about which, those slow-motion, nut-popping kill cams render at an excruciating 1080p on Xbox One, with out a single dropped frame or screen tear around the corner. Rebellion has done a really tremendous job with Sniper Elite 4’s engine and visuals, which are as vibrant because they are detailed.

In a casino game that hinges almost totally on sniping, long-draw distances certainly are a must, and Sniper Elite 4 delivers. The overall game might possibly not have the most photo-realistic environments, and it lacks things such as dynamic weather that you may have come to anticipate of games of the type, however the art direction and careful design of the game’s maps a lot more than replace it. The Italian peninsula is recreated wonderfully, supplying a range of different terrain, from forests to vibrant coastal towns and mountainous regions. There exists a ton of variety to take pleasure from in Sniper Elite 4.

X-ray par-tay
Sniper Elite 4 plays very much like Sniper Elite 3 overall, with tighter mechanics, more realistic animations, and piles of polish. Sniper Elite 4 is a quintessential stealth game, where players are tasked to navigate large open-world maps filled with opportunities to explore and exploit enemy weaknesses. The A.I. isn’t anything revolutionary, but it’s smart enough to make a challenge that constantly asks players to believe and adjust to the evolving situation.

If you’re acquainted with any modern stealth game, Sniper Elite 4 is rather intuitive. Crawl through grass or shadows to remain out of sight, sprinting with dead bodies is a sure-fire way to get seen, and firing unsilenced weapons will alert your situation to enemy sentries.

Never will your bullet get stuck on a low profile wall or rogue hitbox – everything you see down your sights is everything you enter Sniper Elite 4.

That’s why Rebellion provides players all types of gizmos and gizmos to overcome the game’s challenges, including various new toys that produce gameplay even more satisfying.

Lure enemies into tripwire mines to cause chain explosions, leading to glorious and gory slow-motion x-ray kill cams that only Mortal Kombat can contend with. Seeing an enemy’s heart shatter into fragments in slow motion adds fist-pounding impact to every degree of Sniper Elite’s combat. The overall game may also reward players with X-ray cinematics for stealth melee kills, compensating the individual, methodical gamer.

Of course, no game with “Sniper” in the title will be complete without stellar marksman gunplay, and Sniper Elite is still at the forefront of the business enterprise. Sniper Elite bullet ballistics remain fine-tuned with razor precision. Never will your bullet get stuck on a low profile wall or rogue hitbox – everything you see down your sights is everything you enter Sniper Elite 4, and it enables you to snipe with confidence, even though taking awkward shots through tight gaps.

Sniper Elite’s slow-motion lung meter returns for the game’s basic modes, nevertheless, you can play on Authentic mode if you need that true real-time sniping experience, where bullet trajectory and gravity like a more prominent role in gameplay. Sniper Elite 4’s lung meter provides gravity hints otherwise, and grants signature X-ray kill cams predicated on where your bullet lands. You should use external noise from sabotaged generators or overhead jets to silence your gunfire and even employ the game’s suppressed rifle rounds, which provide some limited opportunities for stealth sniping in quiet areas.

Still, you’ll frequently have to be close up and personal, and Karl Fairburne has some new skills in his arsenal that allow him to traverse with deadly volition. Rebellion has designed Sniper Elite 4’s maps with verticality at heart, allowing players to climb, leap and vault between areas that would’ve been unreachable in Sniper Elite 3.

This opens up the overall game to several new tactics, enabling players to choose whether to snipe all of the enemies from afar, or cut through close quarters style. Either strategy is viable, and that is the complete point in Sniper Elite 4 – it enables you to play the right path, even adding customizable talents, skills and weaponry to tackle the game’s various missions. Beyond Sniper Elite 4’s base stealth gameplay, the campaign is filled with epic and explosive set pieces that are similar to Hollywood, that ought to keep you hooked throughout its beefy story. Sniper Elite 4 is merely pure fun, end to get rid of.

Sniper Elite 4awesome
And a stellar two-player co-op campaign, Sniper Elite 4 also features competitive multiplayer and a Gears of War Horde-like survival mode, allowing players to handle off and strategize against waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much possibility to try the game’s online modes, but I’ll add an addendum here when the servers are populated with players.

Sniper Elite 4 comprises a rich package of great content which should keep players returning for more, particularly if you need going to its completionist goals of optional missions, collectible objectives and more. Those who dare to test Sniper Elite 4’s punishing Authentic mode could easily lose a large number of hours to the campaign, where patience becomes absolutely critical.

I’d have liked to see Sniper Elite evolve even more beyond its technical upgrades, gaining just a little maturity perhaps, or going just a little deeper on the game’s simulation aspects. It’s still just a little uncanny when enemies ignore dead bodies after seeing them once, and sometimes, Sniper Elite 4 feels a touch too familiar.

Exciting, industry-leading sniper action
Huge open world maps, a great deal of content
Dynamic stealth gameplay
Great engine, visuals, and sound
Few risks taken with the formula
Karl Fairburne could stand to be less one-dimensional
Still, Rebellion is on the right track to become an important AAA studio with Sniper Elite 4. Underneath line: In the event that you were a fan of previous Sniper Elite games – you need to buy this game. If you are a fan of stealth games on the whole – you should buy this game. If you were holding off because of Sniper Elite’s historical insufficient AAA polish – you will need to buy this game. Sniper Elite’s fourth installment propels the series in to the big leagues for the very first time, and Rebellion deserves every shred of praise.