Our Verdict
Sonos’ debut good speaker is usually a cleanly built, feature-rich and great-sounding device that includes the very best of both ecosystems. You’ve got ever-improving tone of voice assistants, incorporating Alexa and Google Assistant, on the main one side, and on the additional you’ve got Sonos using its own multi-place smarts. If you’re ready to pay the price high quality over Amazon’s or Google’s first-party loudspeakers, the One is a good smart loudspeaker bar none.

Full-bodied, rich sound
Alexa / Google Assistant
Plays music even while Alexa is muted
AirPlay 2 support
The Sonos One started a revolution. It had been among the first smart audio speakers that didn’t power users to select between smarts and exceptional sound top quality (it features both), and also the initial that didn’t help to make users select from Alexa and Google Assistant.

Even without that, nevertheless, the Sonos One is a magnificent speaker, and the very best smart speaker available to buy in . Inside our period spent with it inside our residence, we were constantly impressed with the audio top quality in both standalone and stereo loudspeaker modes and how tone of voice assistant integration has continuing to grow.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022 5:08 pm

Sonos speakers are also given a hefty update, as the business launched a new operating-system and accompanying iphone app that brings support for Hi-Res Audio to it is newer wireless speakers.

The brand new Sonos S2 iphone app also brings an attribute called ‘room groups’ – this implies your wireless speakers should be able to remember frequently grouped players (like your bedroom speakers as well as your living room speakers). This will let you get complete areas of your house – downstairs, for instance – playing music a lot more quickly than before.

Even while Google and Amazon are making better and better sounding speakers in-house (see: Amazon Echo Studio and Google Real estate Max), the Sonos One remains the very best wireless speaker of .

What Sonos has attempting to its gain, though, is its multi-room ecosystem that runs a long methods toward filling the gaps kept in Alexa and Google Assistant’s ecosystems.

1 day Amazon and Google’s Hi-Fi audio speakers might overtake the Sonos One – but, until that moment comes, you can be confident knowing that Sonos, using its wealth of experience and fantastic inter-connectivity, still keeps the top spot.

Note: Our original analysis was written prior to the S2 upgrade brought Hi-Res Music. For an in-depth consider the most recent in Sonos tech, have a look at our Sonos Arc analysis.

How about Black Friday?
If you’re buying a cheap smart loudspeaker, Black Friday may be the perfect period to bag a discount – this season it’s occurring on November 27, if you can get to see deals through the entire month and beyond. Given that the Sonos One is normally a little old, we’d end up being surprised if it is not discounted this season, whether that’s by Sonos itself or via third-party sellers like Amazon.

Developing the Hi-Fi program of your dreams

Although the Sonos One’s design is broadly predicated on the company’s existing Take up:1 smart speaker, there were numerous improvements made.

At the top you’ll discover a touch-sensitive area that’s a good deal sleeker than the Take up:1’s trio of volume and take up/pause buttons. Swiping proper or left skips onward and backwards through your present playlist, while tapping in the heart of the surface takes on and pauses your music. Finally, tapping the kept and correct halves of the panel increase and lower the quantity.

It may come to be a straightforward group of controls but, as is definitely just how with Sonos audio speakers, you’ll spend almost all of your time and effort controlling them via the app. The physical settings are good when you wish to quickly skip a monitor, but you’re unlikely to utilize them much, especially given that voice control can be an option.

To facilitate this tone of voice control, Sonos has equipped the loudspeaker with six internal microphones to permit it to listen to you drunkenly ask to take up ‘Hey, Jude’ just one single more time, and they are joined by pretty much the same guts simply because the Sonos Play:1; namely its couple of Class-D amplifiers and a tweeter / mid-woofer driver combo.

At the top of these devices you’ve as well got a power-indicating LED alongside a tiny light to inform you when Alexa is listening. This second LED is certainly hardwired to the microphones, and Sonos claims that the microphones cannot pay attention to you if it’s not really illuminated.

Lights Out

A little LED light illuminates showing you that Alexa is allowed, and this turns away when you stop it hearing you. It’s a long way off from the Echo’s scarlet ring, and ensures that the speaker nonetheless looks the part regardless if you’d choose to disable its tone of voice recognition.

Thanks to the combo of Amazon’s and Sonos’ services, the set up of the Sonos A single is a bit more involved than your average Echo system, but thankfully not horrifically as a result.

The procedure involves installing the Sonos and Alexa apps, and you’ll have to sign into both your Sonos and Amazon accounts, and any different music streaming services that you’ll want to hear using the speaker.

You’ll also come to be encouraged to undergo a ‘Trueplay Tuning’ method, which requires you to walk around your place with your phone seeing as your speaker plays several test sounds. Your mobile phone listens to the way the speaker noises in its environment, and tunes its sound consequently.

Of course, also you can manually adapt the treble and bass degrees of your speaker in case you have more certain preferences, although we were content material to keep them at their default levels.

You’ll also have to assign the Sonos 1 a room to let you identify it from the Sonos app, and it’s right here that you’ll likewise have the ability to match the Sonos 1 up with another loudspeaker to keep these things play music in stereo system. Unfortunately you can’t couple it with a Sonos Take up:1, regardless of the similarities in form-factor.

The very best Alexa speakers of

Sound quality
Given that that is a Sonos loudspeaker, you won’t end up being surprised to listen to that the Sonos One looks pretty fantastic.

Throw Elegie simply by Mouse over the Keys in the loudspeaker, and sound has true punch and strength to it. The song’s kickdrum…very well…provides kick to it, and drives the strength of the music. It’s an extraordinary amount of ability from such a tiny speaker.

The speaker actually deals admirably with an increase of complicated bits of music. Silent Earthling by Three Trapped Tigers noises clear and crisp, regardless of the multiple layers of instruments circulating through the entire song.

Having said that, the speaker doesn’t provide separation of a set of stereo audio speakers with what sort of music is squashed right into a solo channel, nonetheless it does a good job in its size and price, and naturally its capability to be paired with an increase of Sonos loudspeakers enhances its sound even more still.

Alexa, the Sonos iphone app and future developments
Competing multi-room

Sonos is called the business that invented the multi-room system however in the years because so many others experience thrown their hats in to the band, including Amazon itself. Its Amazon Echo speakers could be grouped together right into a multi-room program, but however – and weirdly – the Sonos One can’t become a member of them to sync music across the several types of hardware.

Of course, a lot of what’s written above may possibly also have already been said of the initial Take up:1 when it had been first released back 2013. The true story below is about how precisely voice control is included – it really is simply wonderfully executed.