Best Spray Tan Kits For

If you are buying way to possess a good, nice and even tan without sunbathing or likely to a professional, you should consider the Fascination spray kit system. Users love that spraying bundle includes three tanning solutions, and that’s so simple to clean afterward. However, some do remember that there are no instructions how exactly to use the several settings.

With a weight of 9.5 pounds, this spraying kit comes with an adjustable flow control, in fact it is best for vertical, horizontal and circular spraying patterns. The answer cup is big enough for many tanning sessions and can be utilised as a base if you wish to place the gun down. All together, it appears just like a good choice, when you are searching for a high-quality and an acceptable price.

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Generally, users recommend this airbrush tanning gun and praise its performance and accessories. One buyer comments that the gun sprays with an excellent mist, the tan lasts for quite a long time, and it’s very simple to arrange it and utilize it. Another pleased customer advises that it’s best if you are using the preparation spray since it really is important.

He said that it took him a few tries to get the go out of it, but from then on, he didn’t have any problems and his tan looked even and nice. Most users complain that the tanning kit doesn’t include detail instructions and advise to be cautious when spraying yourselves in the event that you don’t own a spraying tent.


Not very expensive
Easy to use
Hose settings
3 different tanning solutions

No instructions for application
Doesn’t add a tent

This professional high-performance home spraying tanning system with HVLP turbine is stylish, effective and can be utilised by professionals and amateurs alike. Users love that the hvlp spray gun works without problems, sprays evenly and will be set up super easy. It’s also lightweight, so it’s no issue to move it.

However, some do remember that it’s noisy and help you to use earplugs. This spray gun kit carries a 10-foot flexible air hose, a 4x4x6.5 inch spraying tent booth, a huge tanning accessories kit, three additional solution cups with lids, four solution samples, and a user guide DVD.

One user shares that the airbrush paint gun found its way to excellent condition, and if you pay attention to the facts, it works great. He also states that kit is suitable for a novice or someone starting a business, as a result of large numbers of accessories that it includes. The only problem he encountered was how exactly to remove the tent. Another purchaser comments that the hvlp turbine spray gun and the solutions work great.

But he advises you should be cautious when you set up the tent and make certain you clean everything effectively in order to avoid clogging problems. One customer complains that the airbrush gun is too noisy, but he states that it works without problem, and it’s no problem to go it around.

The Turbo Tan Machine Video Review

Easy to create
Includes a manual
Tanning solutions
Tanning accessories

Difficulties establishing and taking down the tent

The HLVP premium sunless spraying tan system made available from Turbo Tan appears such as a good choice for anyone who is buying a tanning system of top quality, but cheap. Users love that airbrush kit is simple to use, lightweight, but powerful and that it’s well suited for home use, professional salons or mobile tanning.

However, some do remember that this spray tanning machine is too loud and it doesn’t spray evenly. With a robust 120 V turbine air mattress pump unit, this tanning system includes also a 9-foot flexible hose, a specialist hlvp spray gun, and a gun holster.

One user shared that he was amazed how he did a complete body tanning with two coats for approximately thirty minutes with the Turbo Tan spraying system. He states that definitely saves him time and would help him manage more clients. A pleased customer comments that is the better tanning machine for him because it makes his skin look amazing.

He’d recommend it to anyone who would like to get a nice tan. Another purchaser advises to spray farther from the body and re-spray when there is a need, but all together, she is happy with the stunning tan that she achieves. However, some customers were dissatisfied that the spraying kit arrived without instructions, and it had been difficult for them to place it together.

One user also says that is similar to a painting machine when compared to a tanning one, and it wasn’t possible for him to utilize it.

The Turbo Tan Machine Video Review

Powerful turbine
Easy to use

Doesn’t include accessories
Samples or tent

If you want to accomplish some easy home tanning, you should think about this stylish and efficient Max-Mist sunless spraying kit. Users love that they don’t have to visit a saloon to get a nice and even tan and that spray tan machine includes spare parts.

However, some do remember that the caliber of the sample solutions isn’t that great and the gun sprays heavily. This home/mobile spray tanning systems includes a 300-watt turbine air mattress pump and works extremely well for horizontal and vertical patterns. It offers heavy fabric tent with a carrying bag, Tampa Bay solution samples, an instructions, a conical solution cup and up to speed gun storage.

Overall, it appears effective and useful for spray tanning in the home or for professional use.

Users are mostly pleased with the performance, durability, and mobility of the Mixi-Mist sunless tanning system. One buyer shares that his tan lasts for weeks, and it looks natural and even, without stripes or spots. This reviewer is pleased that the airbrush machine is simple to assemble and that she can spray herself without much effort.

Another says that she achieved positive results with the horizontal spraying, in fact it is simple to create it up and take it down. What most customers complain about is that the sample solutions usually do not work, plus they wash easily after a couple of days. Some also complain that the spraying gun uses an excessive amount of solution and that the instructions weren’t in English.