This is unquestionably a “some adult assembly required” type toy. The Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Will come in a sizable box but everything is in separate pieces which should be come up with before play time will start. In the box may be the Touch and Learn desktop, the table legs, 5 activity cards and a tiny sitting stool using its legs also separately bagged. The desk goes together perfectly without the extra tools or detailed instructions. It can require 4 AA batteries to get started on the Touch and Learn Desk.

After installing the batteries and turning the Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk on, the desk could be located in music or learning mode. In music mode the experience pages do not connect to your touch. The only interaction points on leading of the desk with numbers and the light screen. The experience pages are just active in learning mode. Simply slide the experience page set up, the desk will recognize which page it really is and let you connect to all of the touch points.

I love the Touch and Learn Activity Desk a whole lot. The touch points are incredibly responsive and there’s a lot to understand with just the 5 included pages. I also learned that for a minor cost Vtech makes other pages you can purchase to increase the fun. I love that a lot since it keeps this toy relevant for a lot longer.

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I didn’t really start to see the point of the music mode. There isn’t much to connect to and revel in in this mode and I can’t really see myself using it with my child.

The Touch and Learn Activity Desk from Vtech is supposed for use for children 2 and older. Primarily focus is on children 3-6 for the reason that pre-k to kindergarten a long time. My twelve months old really liked the desk and the tiny stool however the value isn’t there for him as of this age since he can’t as easily retain and understand the training information.

I think it is ideal for learning and for play. I felt that the purchase price point was very inexpensive and I love that it stays economical even though purchasing the extra activity pages. Most likely not as important, but worth noting anyway, this desk is incredibly cute using its bright colors and little matchings stool. In addition, it stores very nicely taken care of among play sessions.