Gaming on the Xbox One is normally correctly served by the controller that was included with your console. The Xbox One controller is merely among the finest controllers there is – for Xbox or elsewhere. But, there are lots of reasons to consider picking yourself up something somewhat different. In the event that you got the Xbox One when it at first launched, you’ll find the present day controller has made some minor improvements (including Bluetooth). Microsoft even comes with an upgraded version of its controller in the sort of the Elite Series 2 controller.As great as the stock controller is, comfort can still enter into play for many folks. The condition and size of a controller matters for long-term comfort, and you’ll locate a different controller enables you to get an improved feel through lengthy play sessions. This is also true for hands that are bigger or smaller than average. Then there’s the actual fact that the Xbox controller was created to be universal, so any purpose-built controller can have an edge using games. Flying games can benefit greatly from a flight stick just as racing games and fighting games feel good with racing wheels and fight sticks, respectively.
So, that will help you discover a controller that may complete the job for whatever games you would like to play, we’ve rounded up top contenders in a number of categories. If you are browsing in the united kingdom, click here to learn where you can head to find a very good Xbox One controller.

TL;DR – They are the very best Xbox One Controllers:
Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2
Xbox Core Controller
Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition
Razer Dragon Ball FighterZ Atrox Arcade Stick
PowerA Fusion
Xbox Adaptive Controller
Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller
Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One

  1. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2
    Best Xbox Controller

Our Pick

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Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

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Microsoft has nailed its controller design, however the Xbox Elite controllers take it to another level with reduced construction and better materials. The Xbox Elite Series 2 (read our review) can be an updated version of the model that previously held our top spot.
The Xbox Elite Series 2 offers up a weighty controller with a good amount of grippy texture wrapped around leading and back, to help you hang on even in the more heated occasions of gaming. It has interchangeable, magnetic thumbsticks, a swappable D-Pad, tunable triggers, and four paddle buttons that may slot in to the bottom of the controller. Those paddles offer you a way to use your buttons without having to take your thumbs off the joysticks.

As the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller comes at a higher premium above the price tag on a typical controller, it has a lot more extras waiting for you. Namely, it includes a fancy, durable travel case with a charging stand that may juice up the controller wirelessly. The controller may also charge over its updated USB-C port. And, Bluetooth connectivity enables you to utilize the controller with other devices, like your phone if you happen to have a look at Project xCloud. The largest downside is that controller is very popular, and it’s really currently sold-out just about everywhere.

  1. Xbox Core Controller
    ANOTHER Best Xbox Controller

Xbox Core Controller

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Together with the new Xbox Series X and Series S comes another great Xbox controller in the kind of the Xbox Core Controller. It isn’t a radical shift from the prior Xbox One Controller that held this ranking, nonetheless it upgrades the older device in a few meaningful ways.
The brand new Xbox Core Controller has somewhat more in the form of grip that will help you stay locked in even during tense gameplay. The extra-grippy texture reaches the triggers and bumpers aswell. The D-Pad in addition has gotten a redesign. There is also now a dedicated Share button to create it quick and simple to capture your gameplay footage showing friends and followers. Another welcome upgrade may be the move from micro USB to USB-C, that ought to see somewhat more dependability when plugging the controller in. And, because you may use this controller with a wide selection of other devices, it will likely be useful to have if you intend to try Project xCloud.

  1. Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition
    Best Third-Party Xbox Controller

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

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The Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition gives a concentrate on construction and customization options directed at hardcore gamers. It includes four programmable buttons and an instant control panel for functions like toggling between profiles or muting the quantity in order to avoid annoying your roommate or spouse. Stiff analog sticks and rubber grips are made to endure long gaming sessions without triggering you to reduce your grip.

  1. Razer Dragon Ball FighterZ Atrox Arcade Stick
    Best Xbox One Fight Stick

Razer Dragon Ball FighterZ Atrox Arcade Stick

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The easiest way to play fighting games has been a fight stick and the very best one for the Xbox One may be the Razer Atrox Arcade Stick. This premium fight stick offers some incredible construction with high-end Sanwa components. You could find this stick in several styles, but we’re a fan of the Dragon Ball FighterZ model that adds some extra flair to the look without trading off the grade of the components.
Of course, if you like by using a different stick, other buttons, or maybe do not like the box art, users can start this fight stick and change almost all of it.

  1. PowerA Fusion
    Best Xbox One Fight Pad Controller

Thumbsticks sometimes just don’t cut it when you wish to play fighting games. The more instantaneos control of an excellent D-pad can help a whole lot, and the PowerA Fusion has just the thing you need. This fightpad gives a streamlined design to let the hands give attention to the buttons that basically matter in fighting games.
On the left-hand side, you will discover just the D-pad. PowerA does add a three-way switch, allowing the D-pad to emulate the Xbox controller’s thumbsticks and D-pad, which means you shouldn’t come across issues navigating in games. The proper side keeps the ABXY buttons where you will need them and throws in the proper and left bumper buttons, in order to mash away in fighting games. PowerA also contains an extended, wired cable that firmly clips in to the back of the controller for a secure attachment, while a quick-release point nearby the cable’s connection point with the Xbox might help ensure no-one accidentally yanks your console off your media center.