I really like simple games that everyone can grasp and try straight away. Yeti in my own Spaghetti, winner of Game of the entire year at the 2017 Toy of the entire year Awards, falls directly into this category. The overall game is beautifully simple and simple to set up.

Yeti in my own Spaghetti: Game Play
Game play involves positioning the couple of spaghetti over the bowl within an intertwining layer and inserting the Yeti at the top. Player 1 pulls a strand of spaghetti out that’s least likely to bring about the Yeti falling in to the bowl. The overall game continues with each player taking turns to eliminate the noodles one-by-one, without letting Yeti fall! If the Yeti falls on your own go, you lose! The overall game, from University Games, includes 30 Noodles, a Yeti, a Bowl and Rules and is for 2 or even more players of ages 4 years or even more.

Yeti in my own Spaghetti may be the ideal game for when distraction is necessary. For instance, our kids played it while looking forward to their dinner to complete cooking! It is usually setup in seconds and is a casino game of skill that traverses all generations. We played three games within a quarter-hour and the youngsters loved it.

Toby suggested we play it using real spaghetti … that i guess you can (dry spaghetti of course!), however the curly plastic noodles given the game are a lot more challenging.

There are some very easy rules: For example, when you touch a strand/noodle you need to pull it. Also, if the Yeti falls off the bowl (instead of IN the bowl) it really is still a loss.

Yeti in my own Spaghetti is a fantastic game to play all together family. It gets the youngsters off their tablets! It’s definitely a casino game we’ll take up to your caravan this season to play all summer long. There are no long explanations in fact it is fast and simple. You might even make it a timed speed version in the event that you wanted to.

This is a lovely game and when you have a light touch you can be good at it. Better still is that both children build relationships it and think it’s great equally. An excellent, fun game.

PackThePJs were sent Yeti in my own Spaghetti to play with. Our opinions are, as always, our very own and not influenced at all. For additional information please go to the University Games website.